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Hi Hans,

some of the symbols from puri are prefixed.

I think this is a good idea - I made a patch (semi-automatically)
to prefix all of them.

Also the symbol uri comes from puri, I left that one alone, because
it is mostly used as a variable name.

Except in one place, which has been changed to make-instance 'puri:uri.

I hope you like it and will pull it upstream :)


Common Lisp Libraries by Edi Weitz member

The package is using PURI, and it's used quite a lot, why not remove all the redundant prefixes instead?

Common Lisp Libraries by Edi Weitz member
@kisp kisp All symbols from puri are prefixed with puri:.
Currently, only some of those symbols are prefixed. The remaining ones
were fixed for consistency.

This excludes puri:uri where used as a variable name.

The drakma package no longer uses puri.

Sorry, I forgot about the package definition. I forced pushed to my master the updated commit.

@hanshuebner hanshuebner merged commit 896f37e into edicl:master Dec 10, 2013
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