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Web server written in Common Lisp
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doc documentation fix
test range header fixes
url-rewrite remove more RCS/CVS headers
www release 1.2.30
.gitignore Oops -- delete Emacs backup file, unintentionally committed. fix documentation glitches
CHANGELOG release 1.2.30
CHANGELOG_TBNL make hunchentoot and usocket internal
README make hunchentoot and usocket internal
acceptor.lisp restore listening to usocket:*wildcard-host*
compat.lisp temporarily revert ipv6 changes
conditions.lisp Treat errors during url decoding as bad requests.
cookie.lisp Support max-age cookie attribute.
easy-handlers.lisp fix :hunchentoot-no-ssl compilation (fixes #22)
headers.lisp Add the ability to prevent the sockets from being closed after a requ…
hunchentoot.asd release 1.2.30
lispworks.lisp Make check for stream timeouts more robust
log.lisp Fix minor bug in WITH-LOG-STREAM.
make-docstrings.lisp export parse-doc
mime-types.lisp Added m4v mime type
misc.lisp handle-if-modified-since earlier when handling static files
packages.lisp Treat errors during url decoding as bad requests.
release-checklist.txt documentation fixes
reply.lisp remove RCS/CVS headers
request.lisp Reformat
run-test.lisp put the blame where it belongs
session.lisp Bug fix: setting *print-base* / *print-radix* caused invalid cookie v…
set-timeouts.lisp Remove debugging statements from set-timeouts.lisp
specials.lisp make DETACH-SOCKET be a function, not a condition
ssl.lisp remove RCS/CVS headers
taskmaster.lisp fix warning about missing NAME keyword arg at start-thread
util.lisp Treat errors during url decoding as bad requests.


Complete documentation for Hunchentoot including details about how to
install it can be found in the 'doc' directory.
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