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Removed ':if-does-not-exist nil' form with-open-file options list.

unless I'm missing something the value of 'nil' for this option will bind stream var to nil if the file does not exists, but we already had handled that case (';; file does not exist') at the beginning of this function
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1 parent c775519 commit abe1ce41deef79bbf467f8bbc5776fd4d9dd4622 @alaa-alawi alaa-alawi committed Apr 23, 2012
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@@ -170,8 +170,7 @@ via the file's suffix."
(handle-if-modified-since time)
(with-open-file (file pathname
:direction :input
- :element-type 'octet
- :if-does-not-exist nil)
+ :element-type 'octet)
(setf bytes-to-send (maybe-handle-range-header file)
(content-length*) bytes-to-send)
(let ((out (send-headers))

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