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Game of life build with react
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Game of life build with react and typescript It was my first project using react and typescript, so i did a lot of mistake I end up droping the project cause the models was badly written, I should separete the props and state from their components, huge mistake, it make the buisness model mix the the view model Maybe, i will come back on it :-)

What went wrong

It used one models for representing a cell, and an for the array cells but i end up mixing the React Props and the a pure models, Basicly the models and view are not separeted enough. I should definitly used svg to render the table. The board props should have one way less property.

What went right

Handle all the css with react is kindy good idea, you have to write more code, but you can do your own animation, the idea is to modify the style in the balise with react

What i was planning to do

Build an history of cells, display it in a panel Handle event on the board in order to change the state of the cell,

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