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spherebreak build with elm
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Spherebreak build with elm First project build with elm, It’s a clone of the spherebreak (a mini game in final fantasy-x2 )


What went right

  • The model and the view are well separated.
  • Each view element has a mapper function with the model.
  • The Coin, Coins, and Player type are well written and unit tested.
  • The Update function has no side effect except for the first random generator, that make it very easy to test.
  • The application has few messages that represent the interaction with the games.

What went wrong

  • Bad organisation, it should have a models and a views folder.
  • Probably too much code for what it does.
  • The View module has too much code.
  • Init module is stupid.
  • Cmd, Sub, Message, Init should have their own modules.

What i like about elm

  • Easy to test.
  • Excellent type system.
  • Pure functional.
  • Small core of principles (you can learn it in one week if you already know functional style programming).
  • Compilation make runtime error almost inexistant.
  • Easy to debug with Debug.log.
  • Very good package system.
  • Scalable.
  • Good alternative to react or angular.

What i dislike about elm

  • The format convention is weird for variable initialisation.
  • Lack of examples in the documentation.
  • Lack of tutorials.
  • It seem like not enougth developer are interested in elm (it’s a shame).
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