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example export files


This is the SWORD importer to receive deposit packages from the Repository Junction Broker.

It is applicable to EPrints 3.2.2 to 3.2.9 For EPrints 3.3, use


There are two options when it comes to inastalling these files: download the .zip file & unpack, or "clone" the repository as a working GIT system.

The only difference is in how you get the files into your EPrints repository


Step 1: Download the .zip file & unpack somewhere safe

Step 2: copy the files into their appropriate places:

cp -r cfg/* /<path_to_eprints_root>/archives/<archive_id>/cfg


Step 1: Greate a blank GIT repo at /path/to/eprints/archives//

git init

Step 2: Pull the files down into your file-tree

git pull


Step 3: Restart your server.

You can check that the new configuration has been loaded by getting the SWORD servicedocument & looking for the sword:acceptPackaging with a value of ""

For deposits to go direct into the live archive (rather than going into the review queue), you need to enable that facility within the local SWORD configuration.

Edit the file /<path_to_eprints_root>/archives/<archive_id>/cfg/cfg.2/ and un-comment the section that starts "archive" => { title => "Live Repository",

When arranging registration details with Repository Junction Broker, the "collection" part will be one of: /sword-app/deposit/inbox (which goes into the users personal workspace) /sword-app/deposit/review (which goes into the review queue for the repo) /sword-app/deposit/archive (which goes directly into the live repository)

Finally, we need to fix a flaw in the core EPrints code, so that SWORD deposits return the URI for the deposited item, not just the ID number. The code is on the file ~/ePrints/perl_lib/EPrints/Sword/, and you need to edit just one line - find the line:

$uid->appendChild( $session->make_text( $eprint->get_id ) );

And edit it to read:

$uid->appendChild( $session->make_text( 
                                    $session->get_repository->get_conf( "base_url" )
                                  . '/id/eprint/'
                                  . $eprint->get_id 



The directory "example export files" contains some sample records, along with instructions for testing the raw deposit process.