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This repository is intended to dockerise the fieldtrip-open ecosystem. This project requires a machine with docker installed in order to build the image for fieldtrip-open and consequently run containers.

The dockerised version of fieldtrip-open has some dependencies, please run the following commands after cloning:

	$git submodule init
	$git submodule update

or make sure that you clone this repository and all its dependencies at once by typping:

	$git clone --recursive 

As this repository or its dependencies may be exposed to updates, may sure that you execute:

	$git pull origin master
	$git submodule foreach git pull origin master

for any new commit.


The process of building a docker image for fieldtrip-open requires:

	docker build --build-arg JSPM_GITHUB_AUTH=<your_personal_access_token> -t fieldtrip-open .

The build-time requires a defined value for JSPM_GITHUB_AUTH. Please, use or generate a new personal access token at your github account and assign it to JSPM_GITHUB_AUTH argument. Note, this token is needed in order to install some packages from jspm that are required for the survey-designer.


Once the docker image has been built, you will be able to create a container that runs the fieldtrip-open ecosystem. Please, type:

	docker run -p 8080:80 -d fieldtrip-open

The above command will execute a container on the port 8080 of your machine and it will be detached automatically. Remember, fieldtrip-open is the image name given when docker build is executed.

If you want your data to be persisted, please run:

	docker run -p 8080:80 -d -v <host_src>:/home/pcapi/.pcapi fieldtrip-open

Note that /home/pcapi is the default argument for $USER_HOME that is defined within the Dockerfile. If you set this argument while building the image, please change it before executing the above command.

Try it out!

There are different endpoints for fieldtrip-open ecosystem:

Remember to change the host/port if your docker container is not running on localhost port 8080.