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Survey-preview is a web application for previewing custom forms for Fieldtrip-Open.


In order to install this app, it is required nodeJS and npm running on your machine. If you meet these requirements, execute on your preferred command-line the following instructions:

	$npm install
	$npm run bundle

The file app/env.json provides different properties such as the server to retrieve a survey definition, the survey owner or the pcapi version (e.g. pcapi.baseUrl, pcapi.userId or pcapi.version respectively). If this app is located under the same server and port that hosts pcapi, leave pcapi.baseUrl empty. Otherwise, remember to enable CORS on that server. See CORS to implement CORS on a specific platform.

If you make any change to app/env.json, remember to run again:

	$npm run bundle


If you don't have a server to host this app, we provide a simple nodejs http server to run the app. Execute on your command-line:

	$npm run http-server

and open on your preferred browser the following URL:


Remember to replace the sid parameter value with the survey id that is hosted at your pcapi server.