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The primary repo for

Because doesn't allow Apache SSIs or any dynamic content (and because I don't want to take on the work involved in hosting the site elsewhere) we store files as Text::Xslate templates (written in TTerse)

To build the site, run:


That will generate a html file for each *.html.tx template that exists.

Alternatively, you can run a local development server which will automatically generate the templated HTML output on the fly (so you can flip between editing a template file and reloading the page in your browser, without running the script manually). Run this command:

plackup scripts/dev_server

and visit the URL it suggests. The plackup command also accepts various options to configure where it listens, and so on.

You can install the Perl modules needed by script/build_static and script/dev_server by running

cpanm --installdeps .

If you don't have cpanminus installed already, you can find it on CPAN.

The .html files are not tracked in git -- the .html.tx files are, and those are used to generate the site via either (production) script/build_static or (dev) scripts/dev_server

Thus, if you want to make edits, either:

  • run scripts/dev_server
  • edit the .html.tx file of the page you want to change


  • edit the .html.tx file of the page you want to change
  • re-run script/build_static
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