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An electron wrapper for wunderlist made with ❤️ for Linux (specially for elementary OS)
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An electron wrapper for wunderlist made with ❤️ for Linux (specially for elementary OS)

Notice: We have some work done on refactoring Wunderlistux on Vala and we have plans to add offline support. PRs are welcome! For more info check this thread.


Screenshots taken in the most awesome indie OS ever: elementary OS (Loki)


elementary screenshot


ambiance screenshot

Arc Light

arc screenshot

Arc Dark

arc dark screenshot


adwaita screenshot


There is a top secret button for settings:

settings button screenshot

That opens this settings panel:

settings panel screenshot



You can try any of the following methods

Packed app


Download the last AppImage. An AppImage allows you to try the app without installing it. It also allows you to install the app (creating the .desktop file, etc). Just check it out!

# You can make the appImage executable as follows
chmod a+x /path/to/your_app_image
./your_app_image #execute it!

Install script

Download the installer And run it sudo as root. Wunderlistux will be automatically installed on your computer.

Thank you!

If you like the app please ⭐️ the github project.

If you disliked it you still could ⭐️ the project :)


Install npm

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm -y

Fix node missing from PATH issue

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Install dependencies

npm install

Install electron-builder

Better check electron-builder's doc for updated install instructions:

Start the app

Start the app by using the npm script

npm start

Build a release

Build Linux tar release


Build the rpm package

./node_modules/.bin/build --linux rpm

Build the deb package

./node_modules/.bin/build --linux deb

Build the AppImage

./node_modules/.bin/build --linux AppImage

Build macOS release


Build Windows release



  • Add support for other OSs.


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