Perl script used to convert the export file from (pearltrees_export.rdf) into an SQLite database
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Because the online bookmarks manager pearltrees ( offers less & less satisfation to its users, I decided to create a script to make a database of my existing bookmarks. However, the only possible export file is a RDF file. So I needed at first to retrieve the data from the file.

The final goal of this script is to create a local SQLite database, containing

* metadata (URL, title)

* tags (based on the parent tree)

* a full-text searchable table (FTS3)

XML::LibXML to retrieve information

According to the fact that the export file of pearltrees is a RDF file & that I can't use properly RDF yet, I turned to XML::LibXML. Here's how it works :

* Parsing export file

* Retrieving names, URLs & tags

* Linking tags & metadata


***To complete***