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A breakdown of all new EDIS features, upgrades, and bug fixes by version.

Version Release Date
2.12.2 2017-09-29
2.12.1 2017-09-22
2.12 2017-09-02
2.11 2017-05-12
2.10 2017-04-25
2.9 2017-02-28
2.8 2017-02-07
2.7 2017-01-12
2.6 2016-11-11
2.5 2016-10-19
2.4 2016-09-09
2.3 2016-06-29
2.2 2016-05-06
2.1 2016-03-25
2.0 2016-03-12
1.10 2016-01-28
1.9 2015-11-12
1.8 2015-09-04
1.7 2015-05-08
1.6 2015-03-06
1.5 2014-10-16
1.4 2014-01-10
1.3 2013-12-30
1.2 2013-11-14
1.1 2013-10-15
1.0 2013-08-30

2.12.2 - 2017-09-29

  • Added ability to record comments in custom assessment scores and push them to student logs.
  • Removed legacy custom assessment reports.
  • Added search bar and filter popup to forms landing page.
  • Bug fixes and generic improvements from 2.12.1.

2.12.1 - 2017-09-22

  • Added "Save as" and "Copy" options to interventions, templates, and blueprints.
  • Added "Title" field to intervention evaluations.
  • Added “Sharing” to forms and form entries.
  • Upgraded Custom Assessment subjects to use EDISSubjects.
  • Sync of weekly STAR Data.
  • Made reports created by “Anyone” the default in listings.
  • Bug fixes and generic improvements from 2.12.

2.12 - 2017-09-02

  • New Custom Reports landing page with search, filter, and cleaner UI.
  • New naming convention clue for interventions and intervention templates.
  • New intervention tab for evaluations/fidelity tracking.
  • New intervention tab for logging sessions with individual student attendance.
  • New intervention tab for logging intervention changes for groups or individual students.
  • More flexible time units to deal with intervention duration.
  • New "Time" and "User" form fields.
  • Improved "Behavior" tab in student profile with historical graphics.
  • Improved design for "Home" tab in student profile.
  • New Custom Assessments landing page with search, filter, and cleaner UI.
  • Improved Custom Assessments details with comparisons between filter, my students, and the universe.
  • Improved Custom Assessment trial drawers with comparisons and embedded student listings.
  • Added labels in Custom Assessment charts.
  • Improved login workflow for Test-taking UI.
  • Extended new sharing capabilities to new entities.
  • New Standards Analysis report for standards and domains with comparisons between filter, my students, and the universe.

2.11 - 2017-05-12

  • Added dynamic student listings to test event analytics
  • Added intervention status/effectivess to custom reports
  • Included dependencies logic when editting custom assessments
  • Added "About" tab to test event UI
  • Added new "Publish" feature to calculate test event analytics
  • Improved design of Standards-Based Results Analytics
  • Improved test response processing workflow in backend
  • Improved layout of "Assessments" nav-bar menu
  • Added warning to notify users of new scores availble after publishing test events
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 4.7

2.10 - 2017-04-25

  • Added initial push for intergration between forms and data warehouse
  • Initial push for standards-based report analytics
  • Initial push for percentage calculations in forms
  • Improved design of graduation report to embed early warning codes
  • Initial push for new test event analytics report
  • New global login feature (still in alpha mode)

2.9 - 2017-02-28

  • Added async intervention re-calculation for improved UX
  • Improved intervention calculation algorithm to add more weight to trends
  • Improved test-taking login UX
  • Added better browser accident recovery handling when test-taking
  • Improved test events UI with support for student search
  • Improved error handling for widgets in data dashboard

2.8 - 2017-02-07

  • Added test booklets, answer keys, and bubble sheets to testing engine
  • Added copy/create-from functionality to blueprints, templates, interventions
  • Added RTI glossary of terms
  • Improved UX for listings of RTI entities
  • Added new layout for detailed views of RTI entities
  • Added new RTI chart
  • Added new intervention form entity
  • Added pause/resume test event functionality

2.7 - 2017-01-12

  • Added filter by progress/effectiveness in RTI dashboards
  • Improved formatting of calculation, date, and other form fields
  • Added new Student form field
  • Initial push for RTI V2 with support for blueprints, templates, and interventions
  • Initial push for new Content API to house intervention blueprints
  • Improved design for WYSIWYG editor in item bank
  • Improved test item copying with support for copy everything vs copy info
  • Added new read-only and signature fields to forms
  • Improved validation UX for item/test editor
  • Improved rules for deleting items/tests/events

2.6 - 2016-11-11

  • New forms management tool
  • Added a new "Tools" nav-bar menu
  • Improved "Test Results" UI
  • Added ordinal positions to custom assessment trials
  • Optimized loading of async app filter in js code

2.5 - 2016-10-19

  • Added classroom alerts into the Flipped Data pipeline
  • Added Notes to custom assessment trials
  • Added tracking beacon / campaigns to Flipped Data emails
  • Improved SFTP csv connectors
  • Added transactional email api
  • Improved student image pipeline

2.4 - 2016-09-09

  • Added fixed-to-top nav-bar
  • Added highest, lowest, first, last columns to test results
  • Improved test events UI
  • New "Question Map" feature in live testing UI
  • New floating Prev/Next buttons in live testing UI
  • Improved live testing welcoming worflow
  • Added "item bank sharing" purpose to user teams
  • Refactored multiple logins feature
  • Enhancements to item bank filters
  • New classroom alerts

2.3 - 2016-06-29

  • Custom MTDA cell sizes
  • Added "pausing" to live testing interface
  • Added "impersonate user" option for system admins
  • Next-gen app filter with multi-selects and async student queries
  • Next-gen EdFabric Data Points

2.2 - 2016-05-06

  • Optimized item bank search
  • Added Trial Description to Custom Assessment Widgets and Tables
  • Removed icons from menus and other UI elements
  • New design for create/edit test event
  • Enhancements to Live Testing UI
  • Added Depth of Knowledge to Test Blueprints

2.1 - 2016-03-25

  • Default Post on student logs
  • Student log Q/A
  • Refactoring of attendance ingestion data
  • New attendance widgets
  • MTDA with fixed cols and headers
  • Automated assessment ingestion workflow
  • Improved assets folder structure and code
  • Refactoring of Base / ApiBase controllers
  • Async/cached client stats on login page
  • Refactoring of paging code
  • Improved login workflow
  • Improved UserType / UserGroup management

2.0 - 2016-03-12

  • Refactor of data access connection strings for the EDIS API
  • Add graduation credits summary for middle school students
  • New log feature with social entities API
  • Upgraded expandable listings
  • Create smart pivot table functionality to handle large x-axis tables
  • New student image proportions
  • New nav-bar to support new EDIS 2.0 branding
  • Improve ingestion of attendance entities
  • Remove floating options, replace with scroll-to-top
  • New set of favicons
  • Improved operator handling of KPIs/KPAs
  • Improved custom assessments section in student profile to support advanced widgets
  • Improve dashboard widget tooltips to support non-related vs related series
  • Improved custom assessment interfaces and workflow
  • Initial push for new website
  • Remove print to word, pdf, printing except for entities
  • New MTDA datable concept that supports freezing of columns, headers, footers
  • Advanced Widgets for Assessments, Trials, and Group Analysis
  • Enhance Report Library
  • Improved QTI Items Importer
  • Upgrade Font Awesome Icons

1.10 - 2016-01-28

  • Add KPIs to student profile section
  • Customization of intervention sections to support added security, printing, and family access
  • Project added for QTI item ingestion
  • Added support for mid-tem and semester exam grades to Course grades
  • Email notifications functions in operator
  • New brand-neutral app tour
  • Added reading level to MTDA item library for STAR
  • New brand-neutral app tour
  • Flipped data message design conforming with EDIS brand design
  • Move ESE codes to Especial education codes
  • Bring new intervention UI preferences for family access in student profile
  • Enhanced login access for families with tooltips
  • Added lexile scores to NWEA MAP Results
  • New notification settings for Flipped Data added to user settings

1.9 - 2015-11-12

  • Added support for factor in RTI PM Charts and Tables
  • Added factor support for defining when a score meets target
  • Add support for factor in MTDA
  • Refactoring of notifications
  • Add ability to flip assessment context based on factor
  • Added ability to use final date in interventions with no PMP
  • Add factor (+/-) to assessments
  • change custom assessment process and rti wizard to support inverted scales
  • add support for inverted interventions
  • Added support for custom client logos in Flipped Data
  • New favicons
  • Branding capabilities for client name, logo, flipped data, etc.
  • Email insights settings in user settings section
  • Added LEP level to student entity
  • Added support for factor to RTI verbose analysis
  • Extended effectiveness and progress status to be push instead of pull
  • Wire-up standards-based grading to student profile
  • VAM updates
  • New family login merged into EDIS
  • New family message async control
  • Add Agnostic project to showcase HTML, CSS, and JSON Api
  • New flip data css
  • New top nav-bar design for families
  • Upgrade to latest Font Awesome version
  • New student dashboard for families
  • Cleaned-up student profile for families
  • Added factor to % meeting target in MTDA
  • Real-time language translations into notifications
  • Enhanced locatization to student profile
  • Added data source types to support multiple sources in interventions (KPIS, Assessments, Customs, etc)
  • External employee directory open in public API
  • Fixed trend-line out-of-bound issue
  • Dev API branding improvements
  • Added ability to export VAM season rosters to Excel

1.8 - 2015-09-04

  • Improved logic to deploy KPIs and alerts into clients
  • Addded support for multiple areas of concern in RTI
  • Owin-based Sso logic separated into standalone project
  • Testing Engine - Assessment Creator/Editor
  • New concordant scores legend for ACT, SAT, PERT scores
  • Testing Engine - QTI Item Editor
  • Data structure optimization for daily KPIs
  • Added levels EOC History and Civis
  • Added support for KPIs in MTDA library
  • Testing Engine - Async full-text search for QTI item bank
  • Added new executive summary reports for all EOCs
  • Browser searches and listings optimizations
  • New widget to support tabular info
  • Added ESE, ELL, and 504 tags to student v-card
  • Normalization and new format for test scores tables
  • Enhancements to VAM process
  • Improvements to operator for email notification and flip-data model creation for KPIs and alerts
  • Email insights template concept
  • Tagging system bridge between KPIs, alerts and PD pins -Added factor to KPIs
  • Pinterest flip-data bridge
  • Improved release logic to update student profile items in all clients
  • Improved design of Enrollment section of the student profile
  • Improved login and sign up pages
  • New student profile layout
  • Wired intervention re-calculation triggers
  • Testing Engine - Test taking authentication flow
  • Ability to fetch widgets to Agnostic apps
  • Enhanced calculation of intervention status and effectiveness
  • Added ability to filter FCAT reports by test administration
  • Added test administration filter to i-Ready executive summaries
  • Add ability to support new SSO in Web API
  • Upgraded from highcharts to highstocks to support historical KPI widgets
  • New admin section to update school year terms
  • Added ability to serve KPI data via JSON api
  • Improved email design for Flipped Data
  • Added ability to sort by intervention status and efffectiveness in intervention dashboard
  • Add new intervention section for KPIs
  • Upgrading design of intervention log
  • Added ability to fetch minimal css for third-party apps
  • Added ability to show historical KPI data in interventions
  • Wired-up new intervention status and effectiveness into the RTI UI
  • Enhanced intervention status / effectiveness re-calculation
  • Added support for KPIs in RTI baselines
  • Added teacher performance filters
  • Added support for KPIs in RTI progress-monitoring
  • Added AOCs to intervention bank
  • Added support for auto-links in intervention log
  • Added new KPIs widgets
  • Add exporting capabilities to KPI report

1.7 - 2015-05-08

  • Added support for USATestPrep scores.
  • New structure to represent information within student profile.
  • Added support for graduation credits summary within student profile.
  • New report information section in student profile
  • Refreshed design of trees and drawers to improve legibility.
  • Added support for trimester grades.
  • New color-coding for ACT, PERT, and SAT reports.
  • Added new settings section for RTI areas of concern, skill areas, and sub-skills.
  • Refreshed login page with links to client websites.
  • New flow for handling errors, unauthorized requests, and 404s.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements from 1.7. bug
  • Improved performance of RTI security checks.
  • Performance improvements to dashboard and report library.
  • New data points on Graduation report.
  • Supplemental report information
  • Improve performance of Attendance reports.
  • New assessment creation interface
  • Ability to copy custom assessments.
  • Home page now goes straight to log in.
  • Intervention log redesign
  • Upload files to interventions
  • Refresh student profile
  • Cosmetic updates to the intervention details page
  • Upgraded charts in Family module
  • General bug fixes bug
  • New Learning Profiles
  • Tree selector for educational standards.
  • Pretty urls for EDIS sites

1.6 - 2015-03-06

  • User interface received a major redesign.
  • We now allow for creating multiple individual interventions at once.
  • Much more widgets in data dashboard
  • MTDA becomes Custom Reports
  • Profile Pics
  • We added the ability to copy custom reports.
  • Custom Reports can now be created from the report library.
  • Better student listings options
  • Profile Pic upload
  • Unified Group options
  • The Student Profile gets a facelift.
  • Group and Team management screens now have a cleaner design
  • “Featured Reports” category has been eliminated.
  • New listing stats
  • Redesigned users listings now display the user image and the employee title.
  • Teacher Id tooltip
  • New Intervention References.
  • Custom Reports get a facelift.
  • Enhanced Page titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Users can now select multiple advanced filter options at the same time.
  • New Migrant/Not Migrant option has been added to the advanced filter.
  • Create interventions with no PMP
  • Dashboard grew to more than 1000 widgets. Will keep growing...
  • Top navigation bar is blue now.
  • Page actions are now centralized in the top bar and have bigger icons.
  • Floating Menu
  • New Student V-Cards show negative/positive/neutral KPIs
  • Schools and Districts also get V-Cards
  • New report library27, 2016
  • Brand-new RTI Wizard
  • New format for intervention names when multiple individual interventions are generated.
  • You can copy and paste URLs into the intervention log.
  • Updated App Tour.
  • New Admin Settings page
  • New “Center Program” advanced filter.
  • New functions to deal with proper casing during ingestion.
  • Faster loading of assessment trials.
  • Attendance Reports run faster.
  • School and District websites are now linked from the student profile.
  • URL routes are now in lower caps.016
  • New App Modules structure, 2016
  • New Demo Request form.
  • We introduced the concept of “Smart References”.
  • Improved Usage Analytics in for software administrators.
  • A time-stamp has been added to file exports.
  • Archived Interventions can now be copied.
  • Added support for signed letter grades like: A+, B-, etc...
  • EDIS has a new logo and new icons for iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Chrome web apps.
  • We made it easier to add and remove students and members for teams and groups respectively.
  • Improved design for intervention details.
  • Listings of students have been re-redesigned

1.5 - 2014-10-16

  • Embeddded Google Analytics
  • New Fountas & Pinell report
  • New Pals2 report
  • Logged in users will go to the dashboard when clicking on the EDIS icon.
  • Improved MTDA library
  • New Tier 1 form
  • Intervention dashboard has been enhanced
  • New support for reference areas in RTI
  • Major data dashboard update
  • EdFabric multi-lingual capabilities have been added to EDIS School. (BETA)
  • Sharing capabilities is now available for student groups.
  • Workflow for adding students to a group has been improved.
  • Enhanced widget descriptions
  • Dashboard widget performance has been improved.
  • Enhanced charts exporting features
  • Introduction of warmer color palette
  • New KPIs Summary Widget.
  • New font-icons
  • Improved page headers with cleaner design.
  • Redesigned filter stats, legend tags and action controls
  • 2 new Truancy KPIs: Truancy Candidate; Reportable for Truancy.
  • More KPIs
  • New Civics EOC Report.
  • New ACT Plan and Explore Reports.
  • Enhanced EOC Reports with new subcategories information.
  • Enhanced Algebra One Exam by Year with Categories information.
  • Improved Performance Indicators Executive report with supplementary charts.
  • Enhanced Student Profile with new ACT Plan and Scores information.
  • Updated trend line algorithm
  • Improved Intervention Wizard guide
  • The intervention form left navigation bar has been improved
  • Enhanced Interventions Assessment selection with “All Custom Assessments” option.
  • The widget library categories have been re-organized for better usage.
  • Improved On-Track minimum controls
  • Improved "No Data" templates
  • Improved student profile with new categories layout
  • Course Grades report
  • OAuth 2.0 has been implemented
  • Improved Admin User Mapping
  • Enhanced MTDA report
  • Improved infographics in time-based dashboard widgets.
  • Smarter "Trending To" feature
  • Faster standards library
  • New flexible educational standards
  • Improved drawer reports
  • Cleaner RTI progress Monitoring charts
  • A new intervention progress semantic engine
  • New footer summaries
  • New RTI naming conventions
  • Added secure support for external users
  • Improved application search page
  • Large search box
  • The Withdrawn Students report contains new data points.
  • More options when adding dates to an intervention
  • Improved security in Reports, MTDA Reports, RTI and Custom Assessments.
  • Schedule filter now allows filtering by school type.
  • Schedule filter eliminates duplicate courses and periods.
  • Dramatically-improved filter performance.
  • New report icons.
  • New sharing interface
  • Creating interventions now support adding groups of students.
  • Fonts and buttons have been re-styled for readability purposes.
  • Enhanced Top Navigation design
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Advanced Filters are more descriptive
  • Enhanced Admin User Mapping
  • Improved Intervention Progress Monitoring Chart with better trend line
  • Improved i-Ready Reports and i-Ready Executive Summary reports
  • Group on-track min calculation change
  • “RTI” tab has been renamed to “Intervention”.
  • Improved sharing in MTDA Reports and Custom Assessments
  • MTDA Reports and Custom Assessments now have a new interface for managing sharing.
  • Non-custom Assessments in RTI PM
  • “Secondary Type” option
  • Responsive rounded images bug
  • New option added for Power users to view all assessments and MTDA reports.
  • Smarter intervention creation from listings
  • Application filter stats
  • Timeframe defaults in reports
  • Changing targets trigger expected scores calculation
  • Anonymous intervention printing
  • Calculate expected scores automatically
  • Redesigned report library
  • Search tool redesign
  • Added ability to also edit the Progress Monitoring Plan
  • The intervention log has been redesigned
  • New Security Roles feature
  • Support for large data-sets in exporting
  • Page Options have been redesigned
  • Performance fine-tuning in some listings, menus, and graphics.
  • Enhanced typography
  • Related interventions
  • New Health section added to student profile.
  • View/edit scores in intervention details
  • Design facelift to intervention bank.
  • New trend line in RTI Progress monitoring charts.
  • New CELLA report is available in the report library.
  • Option to enter scores when selecting baselines
  • CELLA Scores
  • Wizard steps reduced from 6 down to 4
  • Headers in MTDA Report can now scroll horizontally.
  • Autogenerate intervention names
  • Redesigned intervention details
  • Document inteventions when deactivating
  • Ability to override intervention name
  • EDIT expected scores in interventions
  • Merge intervention type selectors
  • Design revamp to Executive KPIs Report
  • Design revamp to behavior referrals
  • New flatter design
  • New skill area and intervention standard selections
  • Intervention tips
  • New gray colors in charts
  • Merge app and page filters
  • More operations from intervention details page
  • An option to link to the Intervention Guide section 2016
  • New Enrollment Widget.
  • AP Test has now been added to the College & Career section of the student profile.
  • Comparison card in intervention creation
  • New landing page for creating interventions

1.4 - 2014-01-10

  • Ability to provide hints to specific help sections inside the software
  • Ability to add/remove students from interventions
  • Ability to add/remove progress monitoring dates for interventions
  • Improved Intervention Log
  • Creation of Help Center
  • Redesign of RTI Dashboard
  • Ability to copy an intervention
  • Anonymous Intervention Bank feature
  • Ability to log intervention session hours
  • Redesigned Intervention Details view
  • Filtering ability for assessments in RTI Progress Monitoring
  • Supplemental student information in RTI Progress Monitoring
  • New Intervention Effectiveness Measure

1.3 - 2013-12-30

  • Executive Reports
  • Enrollment/Withdrawn Reports
  • New Enrollment Withdrawn section in Student Profile
  • New Behavior, Attendance, Withdrawn widgets in Data Dashboard
  • Assessment Targets added to MTDA table headers
  • Ability to add targets and scales to non-custom assessments
  • Ability to include non-custom assessments in the MTDA item library
  • Enhanced Filtering in the MTDA Dashboard
  • MTDA Items Library is now search-able
  • Ability to include performance indicators in MTDA Reports
  • Enhanced RTI Printing feature
  • New data points in RTI PM charts
  • Rounded Faces for Student Images
  • Student V-Cards

1.2 - 2013-11-14

  • WSAS Reports
  • STAR Reports
  • iReady Reports
  • Retained Student Reports
  • FCAT Subcategory Reports
  • FAA Reports
  • PALS Reports (First Graders, 4K, 5K)
  • Improved Filtering in Assessments Dashboard
  • New Custom Assessments in Student Profile
  • New Industry certifications section in Student Profile
  • Sharing assessments and reports by role
  • Enhanced RTI progress monitoring charts
  • Ability to export to Excel, Word, PDF
  • Highlighting on Filter Legend
  • New progress monitoring charts in MTDA
  • Ability to link to include URLs as supplemental information for MTDA Reports
  • Advanced Filter Grouping and Color Coding
  • Improved Assessment Selection for RTI allows to pull from non-custom assessments

1.1 - 2013-10-15

  • Notification Center available to all users
  • Ability to search for students, interventions, reports, and assessments
  • Ability to lock and unlock assessment trials
  • New Performance Indicators Report
  • New feature to predefine intervention names by district to increase naming consistency
  • New college and career section in student profile
  • New Interventions section in Student Profile

1.0 - 2013-08-30

  • Initial release of EDIS