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56bb131 Prem Sichanugrist Trying to add project to Travis CI
sikachu authored
1 rvm:
2 - 1.9.2
17c5b8f Prem Sichanugrist Stop testing with rbx, start testing with 1.9.3
sikachu authored
3 - 1.9.3
fe706c6 Prem Sichanugrist Remove Ruby 1.8 support
sikachu authored
4 - jruby-19mode
43c14de Prem Sichanugrist Upgrade Rails versions to test against
sikachu authored
3131601 Prem Sichanugrist Add basic integration test using Cucumber
sikachu authored
6 before_script: "sudo ntpdate -ub; true"
7 script: "bundle exec rake clean test cucumber"
8d95066 Nick Rivadeneira set gemfiles and test script for travis
nickrivadeneira authored
9 gemfile:
5232b19 Prem Sichanugrist Remove Rails 2 support from Paperclip
sikachu authored
10 - gemfiles/3.0.gemfile
11 - gemfiles/3.1.gemfile
12 - gemfiles/3.2.gemfile
9ea4a9b Prem Sichanugrist Allow failing on jruby-19mode for now
sikachu authored
14 matrix:
15 allow_failures:
16 - rvm: jruby-19mode
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