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A fuss-free, thin wrapper around Telegram Bot API for Node.js. No frills.

Updated for Bot API 4.1.


Getting started

npm i slimbot
const Slimbot = require('slimbot');
const slimbot = new Slimbot(process.env['TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN']);

// Register listeners

slimbot.on('message', message => {
  slimbot.sendMessage(, 'Message received');

// Call API


Now go ahead and type a message to your bot in Telegram. It should reply you with 'Message received' in the chat.

How it works

All methods return a promise. This means you can inspect the returned objects if you want to:

slimbot.sendMessage('123456789', 'Message received')
  .then(message => {

In this case, the sendMessage method returns a Message object as stated in the documentation.

You can also use callbacks instead of promises:

const Slimbot = require('./src/slimbot');
const slimbot = new Slimbot(process.env['TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN']);

function callback(err, obj) {
  if (err) {
    // handle error
  // handle returned object

slimbot.on('message', message => {
  slimbot.sendMessage(, 'Message received', callback);



Documentation (Wiki)

Learn more about the implementation details in the Wiki. Feel free to contribute to the Wiki or add more examples.


The guiding principle for this library is to be as simple as possible. I put serious thought into adding features to guard against bloat. Nonetheless, I am very open to dialogue and contributions are most welcome.

If you have built a public bot using this library, send me a PM and I'll feature it here.