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Logo Open-Capture

Open-Capture Deployement OpenCapture

Link to the full documentation :

Open-Capture is a free and Open Source software under GNU General Public License v3.0.

The functionnalities of Open-Capture are :

  • Fully web interface for videocoding : No installation needed on user's workstation
  • OCR On Fly. Draw a rectangle on the image, get the text directly in your input
  • The core works on Linux (tested and Debian)
  • Complex machine learning algorithms used to predict information locations from one invoice to another
  • Find suppliers into a document using VAT Number, SIRET, SIREN or IBAN
  • Find VAT Rate, no taxes amount and total taxes amount using powerful algorithm.
  • Wrote fully in Python for the backend, using Flask micro framework. Angular & Tailwind for the front
  • Already set to use fra or eng locales. Other locales could be added easily using simple json file
  • Multiple ADR (LAD) profile, using INI file
  • SIRET/SIREN & VAT number verification (Only FR for now, could be disabled in form settings)
  • Complex locale REGEX used. Easy to improve and modify

Launch Python unit tests

Make sure you have a test custom installed using the following commands :

cd /var/www/html/opencapture/bin/install/
sudo ./ -c test -p false -t systemd

Then, go the the tests folder and launch the following commands

cd /var/www/html/opencapture/
python3 -m unittest discover src/backend/tests/


Open-Capture is released under the GPL v3.