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Major changes:

  • New documentation at http://bbarolo.readthedocs.io/
  • All BBarolo's tasks, in particular 3DFIT, are now parallelized with shared-memory OpenMP (does not work across different computational nodes). Use THREADS parameter to set the number of threads to use.
  • Python wrapper pyBBarolo 1.0 is released.
  • Added separate execution of 2DFIT and ELLPROF tasks.
  • SPACEPAR has been promoted and it is now a full independent task.
  • GALMOD now supports vertical motions and vertical rotational lag (parameters VVERT, DVDZ, ZCYL).
  • Renewed output plots. PLOTS parameter allow now the user to skip the output production.
  • Added several new parameters to 3DFIT task, including SMOOTH&SEARCH option for MASK and RESTFREQ (see documentation).
  • Asymmetric drift correction (ADRIFT parameter).
  • Multiple line fitting.
  • Support for FITS header CDns keywords.