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Marketing Site in a box

Marketing site in a box gives you everything you need for a beautiful marketing site or landing page in just a few clicks. And because it's powered by Editmode, all of the content can be managed, updated and changed by you or anyone on your team - technical or otherwise. Additionally, you get a real live codebase, running on Tailwind and Next.js, that you can modify and update as you please 🤗

There are two parts to Marketing Site In A Box - The pre-built theme(s), which you can browse here, and the content, which we've pre-packaged into a clonable Editmode project. We've spent a good deal of time and energy preparing and polishing both to make sure that you you have everything you need to get up and running super quickly.

Getting Started

Choose a theme and hit the button to deploy it to Vercel




Deploy with Vercel Deploy with Vercel Coming Soon
Open in VSCode Open in VSCode
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What Is Editmode?

Editmode lets anyone on your team (not just engineers) make copy updates to web apps, mobile apps, and other customer facing copy, safely and in real time. You can think of it as "A CMS for product copy", or "If Contentful and i18n had a baby"

What Is Editmode

Powered By

Marketing Site In A Box is a remix of some incredible work by some of our favourite teams

  • (that's us 👋)
  • for the template - for further customization options and to build your own, check out their site.
  • Tailwind CSS - our favourite CSS framework
  • Next.js - Next.js
  • Vercel - Our favourite hosting platform


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