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This is a tool to check if your files consider your .editorconfig rules. Most tools—like linters, for example—only test one filetype and need an extra configuration. This tool only needs your .editorconfig to check all files.

Example Screenshot


This is only a wrapper for the core editorconfig-checker. You should have a look at this repository to know how this tool can be used and what possibilities/caveats are there. This version can be used in the same way as the core as every argument is simply passed down to it.


Installation via npm/yarn is recommended:

npm install --save-dev editorconfig-checker
yarn add --dev editorconfig-checker

Otherwise you could clone the repository and execute the script manually.

git clone
cd editorconfig-checker.javascript
npm install
npm start
npm test


There is an alias from editorconfig-checker to ec so you can exchange every occurrence of editorconfig-checker with ec.

If you installed it via npm you have a binary in your node_modules/.bin folder called editorconfig-checker. Then you could create a script in your package.json like this:

"scripts": {
  "lint:editorconfig": "editorconfig-checker"

Usage output:

  -config string
        print debugging information
        disables the trailing whitespace check
        disables only the indent-size check
        disables the indentation check
        disables the final newline check
        disables the trailing whitespace check
        show which files would be checked
  -exclude string
        a regex which files should be excluded from checking - needs to be a valid regular expression
  -h    print the help
        print the help
        ignore default excludes
        creates an initial configuration
        dont print colors
  -v    print debugging information
        print debugging information
        print the version number


If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat join #editorconfig-checker on freenode(IRC). If you don't have an IRC-client set up you can use the freenode webchat.