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EditorConfig Lua Core

EditorConfig Lua Core provides the same functionality as the EditorConfig C Core library.

EditorConfig Project

EditorConfig makes it easy to maintain the correct coding style when switching between different text editors and between different projects. The EditorConfig project maintains a file format and plugins for various text editors which allow this file format to be read and used by those editors. For information on the file format and supported text editors, see the EditorConfig website.


Build using LuaRocks

luarocks make --pack-binary-rock

Then install the binary rock file, e.g:

luarocks --local install editorconfig-core-scm-1.linux-x86_64.rock

Build using CMake

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make test   # optional

Then copy the editorconfig.so binary module to somewhere in your LUA_CPATH.

To be able to run the tests you may have to update the git submodule with git submodule update --init.


The parse module function returns a name/value property table. Typical usage by plugins would be:

ec = require("editorconfig")

for name, value in pairs(ec.parse("/full/path/to/file")) do

Sometimes it is useful to have the same stable order for each parse invocation that the EditorConfig C Core library provides. For that the property names are available as an array in a second return value:

prop, names = ec.parse("/full/path/to/file")
print(#names .. " properties:")
for idx, name in ipairs(names) do
  print(string.format("%s: %s=%s", idx, name, prop[name]))

Note also the use of the length operator to retrieve the EditorConfig property count for a given file.

Note on API stability

Version 0.3.0 introduced major backward incompatibilities.

  • The openfunction was removed.
  • Every EditorConfig value has the Lua type string.
  • Lua module renamed to editorconfig.

Please update accordingly.