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EditorConfig plugin for Gedit
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EditorConfig Gedit Plugin

This is an EditorConfig plugin for gedit.

Downloading Gedit Plugin

Click here to download the latest version

Older versions of the EditorConfig Gedit plugin can be downloaded as an archive file from the tags page.

The plugin can also be downloaded using via Git as follows:

git clone git://
git submodule update --init


First, make sure the core EditorConfig Python library is installed on your machine.

Next, install the plugin compatible with your version of Gedit by executing the script. The script should install the appropriate plugin for your Gedit version. If this does not work, the instructions below can be used to install the plugin manually.

After installing the plugin, it must be enabled in Gedit. To enable the plugin navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins and check the EditorConfig plugin.

Manual installation

To install the gedit 3 plugin manually, execute the following copy command:

cp -Lr editorconfig.plugin editorconfig_plugin ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/

To install the gedit 2 plugin manually, execute the following copy command:

cp -Lr editorconfig.gedit-plugin editorconfig_plugin ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/

Supported properties

The EditorConfig Gedit plugin fully supports the following EditorConfig properties:

  • indent_style
  • end_of_line
  • trim_trailing_whitespace
  • root (only used by EditorConfig core)

There is partial support for the following properties:

  • indent_size
  • tab_width

With the Gedit plugin the tab_width cannot be set to a different value than indent_size. When indent_style is "tab", tabs will be used for indentation and tab_width will be used for indentation size to maintain the correct width of tab characters. When indent_style is set to "space", the tab_width property is ignored and tabs are always set to the width of indent_size.

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