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Contributing to EditorConfig

Submitting an Issue

Having problem using EditorConfig or looking for support for your favorite text editor or IDE? Feel free to submit an issue if there isn't one yet. Please also consider filing a support request with your editor for EditorConfig support. Please also provide links to any relevant discussions elsewhere on the Internet relating to EditorConfig in your editor.

Before submitting an issue, please run this script to check whether there is a typo in your .editorconfig files when applicable.

How You Can Help

Below are some ways you can help out.

EditorConfig could really use:

  • Your feedback, opinions, and advice. We really want to hear what you think!
  • More plugins! We want all the plugins.
  • Add your projects to Projects Using EditorConfig and watch the community grow!
  • Help evangelize. More EditorConfig users means less style wars.
  • Help maintaining and improving core libraries.

More stuff we could use:

  • Better documentation
  • Better tests
  • Help improving the EditorConfig website
  • Native support for EditorConfig in major text editors