Plugin renders notepad++ unusable over network shares #288

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evan-king commented Dec 18, 2016 edited

Working on files from a local (and performant) CIFS network share, the EditorConfig plugin causes Notepad++ to constantly (every few seconds) freeze (for several seconds). While this behavior is occuring, other uses of the network share show no sign of trouble - file transfers are not slowed, interactive browsing remains snappy, etc.

To reproduce the problem, you need only open a single file from the network share. It doesn't matter if there is a .editorconfig file in the same directory, one in a nearby directory, or none anywhere. It also doesn't matter if the file is deep within the directory structure of the share or right in the root.

The freeze can also be triggered on demand by Plugins->EditorConfig->Reload EditorConfig for this file.

Other features which rely on interacting with a remote filesystem (such as document monitor and automatic updating) technically also lock up the editor periodically, but accessing the share over the internet shows it happening only every few minutes and for durations measuring in the milliseconds. Over the local network, it's difficult to even detect the lockups.

To be usable, the plugin needs to be radically more efficient about finding .editorconfig files, and to refresh the results far less frequently. Or, it needs to operate in a thread independent from the UI.

ffes commented Dec 21, 2016

I use N++ with the EditorConfig plugin loaded (and others) on a network share almost every day and I never experienced any problem, both on a Linux-based CIFS as well as a real Windows Domain.

For me, it just works.

Do you have other plugins installed?

evan-king commented Dec 22, 2016 edited

I have very vew non-stock plugins installed, and none which would induce this one to reload settings every time there's a context switch (change tabs or focus in from another app) - they don't have anything to do with IO. This (reloading on every focus event) is the root cause, and while I'm on a different machine that seems to behave better overall, it's a remote one and there's no avoiding at least a ~1s delay when the share is over the internet. For such a workflow to be viable, Notepad++ should not be reloading EditorConfig for an open file ever, unless reopened or explicitly requested.


(By the way I also experimented with turning off any IO-related features such as file status auto detection, but that also makes no difference.)

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