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textmate plugin? #50

hlfcoding opened this Issue · 8 comments

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This is just a question to see if there is one (or one in the works, or one for another editor but still compatible) for TextMate. Otherwise, if none exist, it's a feature request for a TextMate plugin.


Not yet. We'll mark it as todo.


Thanks for the quick response. Let me know how I can help. I took a look at editor-config-core already. You can email me if needed.


we can discuss here. We have 3 cores here: in c and Python, and a coming java one. Which one do you need? We could offer our help when you need.


Hey @hlfcoding! We would love a TextMate plugin. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac to develop or test a plugin on right now, but I can help troubleshoot C or Python core usage as needed.

The Python core documentation isn't finished, but it currently resides at and it may be complete enough for you to develop a plugin now. The Gedit, Sublime, and Vim plugins all use the Python core currently.

Also feel free to message the mailing list for help developing. Others there may be interested in helping develop/test for TextMate or may be able to help troubleshoot in other ways.


I'm on Mac. Can help out with testing if anyone creates a TextMate plugin ;)


@treyhunner Hey, thanks! I'll keep y'all updated.


The plugin is made here.

@xuhdev xuhdev closed this
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