File Format Change Log

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Version A (first stable release):

Initial property support:

  • indent_style property can be set to "tab" or "space"
  • indent_size property is a whole number defining number of columns used for each indentation level
  • tab_width property defines the width of tab characters (defaults to indent_size when unspecified)
  • end_of_line property can be set to "CR", "LF", or "CRLF" (case insensitive) to set line-ending style
  • special root property can be set to true outside of any EditorConfig section to note current file as the top-most EditorConfig file.

Other notes on support:

  • Files must be named .editorconfig (instructions on creating dotfiles in Windows)
  • Unix shell-style wildcard patterns are supported in section names: **, *, ?, [seq], and [!seq]
  • The backslash character can be used to escape special characters in section names
  • ] character supported in section names, unlike many other INI parsers
  • ; used for line comments in EditorConfig files