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* Application Name
"name":"Aries Based node app"
* Application Version
* url - controller mappings configurations files
* url-mapping.json - default file for custom configurations (optional)
* Filters are executed before controllers in request flow.
* for each request all filters are called sequentally.
* Interceptors are executed after controller but before view resolver.
* Url resolver resolves controller based on current url in request.
* By default DynamicUrlResolver is used.
* Abtsraction for js Source vitrual machine runner.
* More flexible than "require" (probably should be hardcoded)
* Dispatcher is an abstraction for request flow. It could have several
* implementations. Each has it's own pros and cons in terms of context
* accessibility, perfomance and memory evviciency.
* default is StatelessDispatcher
* View resolver controlles how exactly view will be processed.
* Can be customized to use any template engine.
* default SimpleViewResolver
* Configuration could be resolved wit custom configuration resolvers.
* Custom config resolvers could change basic configuration in any way.
* Custom resolvers have priority over default of appspecific configuration.
* by default AnnotationConfigResolver is enabled.
,"configResolvers" : [
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