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<p>Standard request flow goes through following chain:</p>
- filters->controller resolver->pre controller interceptors->controller->post controller interceptors->view resolver
+ [filters]->[controller resolver]->[pre controller interceptors]->[controller]->[post controller interceptors]->[view resolver]
which gives us flexibility of using middleware as filters, pre and post controller interceptors.
For example we can use connect's static middleware to handle static content as a filter which is the best to handle before controller resolver.
To assign class as filter we just need to put Filter annotation before constructor.
+<pre class="prettyprint sh_javascript">
+var connect = require("connect");
+var static = connect.static(__dirname + "/src/static");
+ * @Filter
+ */
+function StaticFilter(){}
+StaticFilter.prototype.filter=function(request, response){
+ var that=this;
+ static(request, response,
+ function(){
+ that.doNext(request, response);
+ }
+ );
+<div><a href="">see code</a></div>
+<div>see live? you are already seeing it. this site's static served by connect middleware</div>
<h3>there is more comming</h3>
<li>session management</li>

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