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xkcd password strength

Quantum Diceware Passphrase Generator

DIQ is a quantum random passphrase generator based on the Australian National University Quantum Random Generator. It emulates the diceware method in a binary approach (like a coin toss) to generate a 78 bits of entropy passphrase, by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field of the vacuum.

The word list in dicewds8k[] is based on dicewds8k.txt by Arnold G. Reinhold.

DIQ is the easiest and safest way to get a strong passphrase, as long as you trust on the TLS 1.0 connection with the server.


	git clone
	cp ~/Quantum-Diceware-Passphrase-Generator/ /usr/bin/diq
	sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/diq



UNIX Checklist

  • DIQ does one thing and does it well ☑
  • DIQ works among other software ☑
  • DIQ handles text streams ☑
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