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Data Model: <strong>K/V, JSON &amp; graphs with shapes,
</strong> Protocol: <strong>HTTP using JSON</strong>,
Query Method: <strong>declarative AQL, query by example, map/reduce, key/value,</strong>
- Replication: <strong>master-slave (m-m to follow)</strong> Written in: <strong>C/C++/Javascript (V8 integrated),</strong>
+ Replication: <strong>master-slave (m-m to follow)</strong>, Sharding: <strong>automatic and configurable</strong> Written in: <strong>C/C++/Javascript (V8 integrated),</strong>
Concurrency: <strong>MVCC, tunable</strong>
Misc: <strong>"stored procedures" (Ruby &amp; Javascript)</strong>, many indices as <strong>secondary, fulltext, geo, hash, Skip-list, bit-array, n-gram, capped collections</strong>

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