A simplistic docker-compose example, mirroring the one in the docker-compose docs, but with node instead of python.
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Docker Compose Getting Started

Built from the "getting started" guide on docs.docker.com: https://docs.docker.com/compose/gettingstarted/


  1. Docker
  2. Docker Compose (should come with Docker CE for macOS and Windows)
  3. (optional) Kitematic


Adapted from the original docker compose getting started guide to use Node w/ the Express framework in place of python.

Create from Scratch

  1. Create Docker image, build Dockerfile
  2. Build the image, docker build -t web .
  3. Define services, port bindings, in docker-compose.yml
  4. Build and run w/ compose, docker-compose up (add -d for it to run 'detatched', in background)

* To remove the container(s) defined by the docker-compose.yml, run docker-compose rm from cwd.

Clone and Run

  1. git clone https://github.com/edm00se/simple-docker-compose-node-redis-demo.git
  2. cd simple-docker-compose-node-redis-demo
  3. docker-compose up (first time run will perform build, can force a fresh build with --build)
  4. (optional) observe magic via Kitematic


The MIT License (MIT).