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require 'database.php'; //connection to database
// Import PHPMailer classes into the global namespace
// These must be at the top of your script, not inside a function
use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer;
use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\Exception;
//Load composer's autoloader
//This needs to be changed to your specific host
require '../../vendor/autoload.php';
$messagessent = 0; //variable to track how many messages are sent each cron job
//use arrays to store all of the subjects and body messages
$messagesubject = array();
$messagebody = array();
$messagealtbody = array();
//get messages from database
$sql= "SELECT id, subject, body, altbody FROM messagesTablename";
$stmt = $db->prepare($sql);
//add each message to the array
while ($row = $stmt->fetchObject()) {
$id = $row->id;
$messagesubject[$id] = $row->subject;
$messagebody[$id] = $row->body;
$messagealtbody[$id] = $row->altbody;
//select subscribed users
$sql2= "SELECT name, email, followup FROM subscribersTablename WHERE subscribe = 0";
$stmt2 = $db->prepare($sql2);
//count number of users
$total = $stmt2->rowCount(); //total number of subscribers
echo '<p>Number of subscribers:'.$total.'</p>';
//count number of messages
$messagenumber = sizeof($messagesubject); //this is the total number of messages in database
echo 'Total number of messages in database '.$messagenumber.'<br /><hr />';
//for each subscriber echo their name and email
while ($row = $stmt2->fetchObject()) {
$toname = $row->name;
$toemail = $row->email;
$followup = $row->followup;
echo '<p>Mailing to '.$toname.' - '.$toemail.'<br />';
echo 'Message Number: '.$followup.'<br></p>';
// check to see if this user already received the last message
if ($followup < $messagenumber){
// send the email
try {
$mail = new \PHPMailer;
//Server settings
$mail->SMTPDebug = 2; // Enable verbose debug output - 0 for no output
$mail->isSMTP(); // Set mailer to use SMTP
$mail->Host = ''; // Specify main and backup SMTP servers - get this information from your host
$mail->SMTPAuth = true; // Enable SMTP authentication
$mail->Username = ''; // SMTP username for the email that you are sending from
$mail->Password = 'secret'; // SMTP password for the email that you are sending from
$mail->SMTPSecure = 'ssl'; // Enable TLS encryption, `ssl` also accepted - mine uses ssl
$mail->Port = 587; // TCP port to connect to - get this information from your host
$fromemail = '';
$fromname = '';
$subject = $messagesubject[$followup];
$body = $messagebody[$followup];
$altbody = $messagealtbody[$followup];
$mail->setFrom($fromemail, $fromname); //from email and who is sending
$mail->addAddress($toemail, $toname); // Add a recipient
$mail->isHTML(true); // Set email format to HTML
$mail->Subject = $subject;
$mail->Body = $body;
$mail->AltBody = $altbody;
echo '<strong>Message Sent</strong><br /><hr />';
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo 'Message could not be sent.';
echo 'Mailer Error: ' . $mail->ErrorInfo;
//update the database followup number
$sql3 = "UPDATE subscribersTablename SET followup = :followup
WHERE email = :email";
$stmt3 = $db->prepare($sql3);
$stmt3->bindParam(':followup', $followup, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$stmt3->bindParam(':email', $toemail, PDO::PARAM_STR);
echo 'Total Number of Messages Sent = '.$messagessent;