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Gym Attendance App built with Google App Script and React
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Gym Class Attendance Sign-in App

I discovered Google App Scripts by accident in 2017 while working in Google Sheets. Upon further investigation, I felt I had stumbled upon a golden resource. I built this project to try out Google App Scripts capabilities and also create something with React. Enjoy!

Basic Info

The app uses a google sheet to fetch member information and add an attendance entry when a member selects a class. The class schedule is fetched from a Google Calendar, and gym logo and member photos are fetched from a Google Drive folder.

Google Service API Scope used:

  • spreadsheets - read, write
  • calendar - read
  • drive - read

App Screen Shot

Project Boilerplate

This project boilerplate was cloned from -

React + Google Apps Script

Use this demo project as your boilerplate React app for HTML dialogs in Google Sheets, Docs and Forms.

This project uses labnol's excellent apps-script-starter as a starting point, adding support for React. It demonstrates how easy it is to build React apps that interact with Google Apps server-side scripts. Simply clone this project and modify the source code to get started developing with React for Google Apps Script client-side dialogs.

Google Apps Script / React development The demo app for Google Sheets shows insertion/deletion/activation of sheets through React-built HTML dialog.

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