npm package and git repo are out of sync #3

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tomjack commented Apr 30, 2012

E.g. src/ and src/ are missing. I will be forking to fix #2, and to provide partial support in the client.

In the meantime I will just commit this stuff in my fork.

Also, the packaged version of src/ contains a hardcoded path /home/vagrant/edmellum/lib/shared, while this is missing from lib/middleware.js. I would suggest removing the compiled js files from version control (and gitignoring them).


edmellum commented Apr 30, 2012

Removing the JS from the repo would require people to install CS just to use the module. I should have ported this over to JS before publishing it anyways so that's what I'm doing now. Should be out within an hour.


tomjack commented Apr 30, 2012

Cool. This is irrelevant, then, but I discovered you can keep the js out of the repo but leave it in the package by (in this case) adding *.js to lib/.gitignore and creating an empty lib/.npmignore. Unfortunately this doesn't help for installing from git.


edmellum commented May 1, 2012

I don't see a problem with keeping JS in lib as long as you don't forget to build before commiting.

However I won't have to worry about that anymore as this is pure JS now as it should have been a long while ago.
Thanks for the help! :D

edmellum closed this May 1, 2012


tomjack commented May 1, 2012

Great, thanks.

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