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To download PyNetCCTV go to the Downloads page. Click on "Download as .tar.gz" or "Download as .zip". At some point there will be .deb files too, but they're not there yet.

Why PyNetCCTV?

A place I was working needed an inexpensive CCTV system. So I bought four IP webcams and hooked them up to a well known CCTV system on Linux. It worked for a while, then went pop. Shared memory errors, and incomprehensible error messages.

So I quickly wrote a Python and PHP system to show the live feeds and record snapshots. Having written that in a day and a half, I got permission to create an Open Source version (into which rather more thought and work has now gone!).


PyNetCCTV is a python daemon that takes snapshots from configured cameras at configured intervals (default is 0.5 seconds).

The UI is powered by Django.


Here is a screenshot of the live feeds page. I've had to block out the actual camera feeds, since it's not so clever to publish CCTV images on the web... Live Feeds Screenshot