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Magento Module Version Checker

By Edmonds Commerce

A simple script to check Magento Connect (or other custom sources) for the latest version of a module.


Install via composer

git clone
cd magento-module-version-checker
composer install


You need to configure the modules you wish to check and the page from which to get the modules version. You do this in a json file with the following format:

    "<module>": "<Module_Name>",
    "": "Aoe_Scheduler",



./mmv <path/to/config.json>

Custom Sources

In order to add a custom source you need implement a Module class and add the class to the ModuleFactory.

Implementing Module

I've created a template Module class for you to base yours on here.

You simply need to make the following changes:


namespace EdmondsCommerce\MagentoModuleVersions;

class <YourSource>Module extends AbstractModule
    public function getSelector()
        // Here you need to add a css selector to grab the
        // version data from the page.
        return '';

    public function cleanVersionNumber($versionNumber)
        // Here you need to add some clean up code that takes the
        // selected version and strips out only the version number.
        return $versionNumber;

You can see an example of this here.

Adding Module to Module Factory

Once you've implemented a Module class you need to add it to the ModuleFactory.

class ModuleFactory
    public static function create($dom, $page)
        switch ($host) {
            case '':
                return new MagentoConnectModule($dom, $page);
            case '':
                return new <YourSource>Module($dom, $page);
                throw new Exception("Invalid host '$host'");

Once that's done you should be able to add your new modules to the config json and run the script.