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#! /usr/bin/perl
require LWP::UserAgent;
require HTTP::Cookies;
require HTTP::Request;
use SOAP::Lite;
use HTTP::Request::Common qw(PUT POST);
use Encode;
use Image::Size;
use URI::Escape;
use File::Copy;
use Date::Parse;
use Time::Format qw(%time %strftime %manip);
use Data::Validate::URI qw(is_http_uri is_https_uri);
use Data::Dumper;
use JIRA::Client;
require '/usr/local/sakaiconfig/';
require '';
use strict;
my $MAX_FILESIZE = 102400;
my $DEBUG = "FALSE";
my @ACCEPTED_FORMATS = ( "jpeg", "jpg", "gif", "png" );
# JIRA details
my ($jira_user, $jira_pass) = getCETJiraAuth();
my ($svn_user, $svn_pass) = getSVNJiraAuth();
my $jira_host = "";
my $jira_filterId = "10733";
my $jira_assignee = "vulahelp";
my $jira = initialize($jira_host, $jira_user, $jira_pass);
# Get issue list from JIRA filter
logger("Processing Request ....\n");
my @jiras = getIssuesForFilter($jira, $jira_filterId);
# Process a list of the issues
foreach (@jiras){
my $issue = $_;
my $valid_url = 1;
my ($category, $hyperlink, $until_date) = getCustomFieldsFor($issue);
if( defined($hyperlink) ){
my $valid_url = isValidURL($hyperlink);
if( defined($category) && defined($until_date) && $valid_url == 1){
## Initialize
sub initialize($$$){
my ($host, $username, $password) = @_;
JIRA::Client->new($host, $username, $password);
## Get a list of issue keys in the filter.
sub getIssuesForFilter($$) {
my ($jira, $filter) = @_;
my $issuelist = $jira->getIssuesFromFilter($filter);
my @issues = ();
for my $issue (@{$issuelist}) {
push(@issues, $issue->{key});
return @issues;
# Resolve Issue
sub resolveIssue($$$) {
my ($jira, $issuekey, $comment) = @_;
$jira->addComment($issuekey, $comment);
$jira->progressWorkflowAction($issuekey, 5,
resolution => 1
# Assign an issue
sub assignIssue($$$$) {
my ($jira, $issuekey, $assignee, $comment) = @_;
if ($comment ne "") {
$jira->addComment($issuekey, $comment);
assignee => $assignee
## Get Custom Fields
sub getCustomFieldsFor($){
my $issue = shift;
logger("Checking Custom fields for $issue ....\n");
my ($custom_category, $category) = "customfield_10321", "";
my ($custom_hyperlink, $hyperlink) = "customfield_10322", "";
my ($custom_until_date, $until_date) = "customfield_10320", "";
my $issue = $jira->getIssue($issue);
for my $customfield (@{$issue->{customFieldValues}}) {
$category = $customfield->{values}[0] if ($customfield->{customfieldId} eq $custom_category);
$hyperlink = $customfield->{values}[0] if ($customfield->{customfieldId} eq $custom_hyperlink);
$until_date = $customfield->{values}[0] if ($customfield->{customfieldId} eq $custom_until_date);
return ($category, $hyperlink, $until_date);
## Check the attachment
sub checkAttachmentFor($){
my $issue = shift;
logger("Checking Attachment for $issue ... \n");
my $attachments = $jira->getAttachmentsFromIssue($issue);
my $size_verify = "";
my $format_verify = "";
my $dimensions_verify = "";
#get the number of the attachments
my $size = @{$attachments};
if ( $size == 1 ){
my $attachment_id = @{$attachments}[0]->{id};
my $attachment_filesize = @{$attachments}[0]->{filesize};
my $attachment_mimetype = @{$attachments}[0]->{mimetype};
my $attachment_type = substr($attachment_mimetype, 6) if $attachment_mimetype =~ /image/;
my $attachment_filename = $attachment_id.".".$attachment_type;
my $image_url = $jira_host."/secure/attachment/".$attachment_id."/".$attachment_filename;
#Get the image and store locally
my $command = "wget --no-check-certificate -q ".$image_url."\?os_username\=$jira_user\\&os_password\=$jira_pass -O $attachment_filename";
#Check the image dimensions
my ($width, $height) = imgsize($attachment_filename);
# Verify that the metadata is as per requirement
$size_verify = check_filesize($attachment_filesize);
$format_verify = check_format($attachment_type);
$dimensions_verify = check_dimensions($width, $height);
if( $size_verify && $format_verify && $dimensions_verify ){
move($attachment_filename, "$TARGET_FOLDER//$attachment_filename") if -e $attachment_filename;
logger("svn add $attachment_filename \n") if -e $attachment_filename;
system("svn add $attachment_filename") if -e $attachment_filename;
my ($issue_category, $issue_hyperlink, $issue_until_date) = getCustomFieldsFor( $issue );
$issue_until_date = str2time($issue_until_date);
$issue_until_date = $time{ 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm', $issue_until_date };
logger("Modifying Files file...\n");
# Append to end of file
open(my $files, ">>files") or die "Can't open files: $!";
print $files "\n$issue_category,$attachment_filename,$issue_until_date,$issue_hyperlink";
close $files or die "$files: $!";
system("svn ci -m \"$issue : Adding $attachment_filename\" --username $svn_user --password $svn_pass") if -e $attachment_filename;
logger("Email Requestor and Resolve");
my ($emailbody, $recipient) = processEmailFor($issue, "success");
resolveIssue($jira, $issue, "Emailed to: $recipient\n\n---\n\n$emailbody");
assignIssue($jira, $issue, $jira_assignee,"");
logger("Verification failed\n");
logger("Email Requestor to notify them of failure and Re-assign\n");
my ($emailbody, $recipient) = processEmailFor($issue, "failure");
assignIssue($jira, $issue, $jira_assignee, "Emailed to: $recipient\n\n---\n\n$emailbody");
fileCleanup( $attachment_filename );
logger("There should only be one attached image for $issue.\n");
assignIssue($jira, $issue, $jira_assignee, "Image not uploaded. There should only be one attached image.");
# Logger
sub logger($){
my $msg = shift;
print $msg if $DEBUG eq "TRUE";
# File Cleanup
sub fileCleanup($){
my $file = shift;
system("rm -f $file") if -e $file;
## Compare file size to the maximum of 100KB
sub check_filesize($){
my $filesize = shift;
return ( $filesize <= $MAX_FILESIZE )
## Check that the format is one of the accepted formats
sub check_format($){
my $format = shift;
return 1 if $format eq $_;
## Check that dimensions have a width of 600 and height between 400 and 450 px
sub check_dimensions($$){
my ( $w, $h ) = @_;
return ( ($w >= 580 && $w <= 610) && ($h >= 430 && $h <= 460) );
## Check if a URL is valid
sub isValidURL($){
my $uri = shift;
return unless is_http_uri($uri) || is_https_uri($uri);
return 1;
# Process the email request
sub processEmailFor($$){
my $issuekey = shift;
my $state = shift;
my $email;
my $recipient_name;
my $to;
my $cc = "\"The Vula Help Team\" <help\>";
my $from = $cc;
my $subject;
my $body;
my $issue = $jira->getIssue($issuekey);
my $boundary;
if ($issue->{description} =~ /\[via(.*?)\]/) {
$boundary = $1;
if ($boundary =~ /<(.*?)>/) {
$email = $1;
if ($boundary =~ /:\s*(.*?)\s*</) {
$recipient_name = $1;
$subject = "RE: \[$issue->{key}\] $issue->{summary}\n";
if($state eq "success"){
$body = getLandingPageTemplate($recipient_name, $issue);
$body = getLandingPageFailTemplate($recipient_name, $issue);
$to = "\"$recipient_name\" <$email>" if $recipient_name && $email;
if($to ne ""){
mailRequestor($from, $to, $cc, $subject, $body);
return ($body, $email);
# Landing Page Template - Success
sub getLandingPageTemplate($$){
my $name = shift;
my $issue = shift;
my ($category, $url, $expires) = getCustomFieldsFor( $issue );
my $attachments = $jira->getAttachmentsFromIssue($issue);
my $id = @{$attachments}[0]->{id};
my $mimetype = @{$attachments}[0]->{mimetype};
my $type = substr($mimetype, 6) if $mimetype =~ /image/;
my $attached_file = $id.".".$type;
$url = "No hyperlink provided." if ($url eq "");
$expires = str2time($expires);
$expires = $time{ 'dd-Mon-yyyy', $expires };
my $content = <<END;
Dear $name,
The following image has been added to the Vula home page:
Image: https:\/\/\/library\/content\/uct/homepage\/$attached_file
URL: $url
Expires: $expires
The Vula Help Team
Centre for Educational Technology, UCT
Email: help\
Phone: 021-650-5500
return $content;
# Landing Page Template - Failure
sub getLandingPageFailTemplate($$){
my $name = shift;
my $issue = shift;
my $content = <<END;
Dear $name,
Your image could not be added to the Vula home page as it does not conform to our requirements.
An image should meet these specifications:
Exact dimensions: 600 pixels wide x 450 pixels high
Maximum file size: 100 KB
Formats: jpeg, gif or png
The requirements for placing an image on the Vula landing page are:
1) The event or initiative must be organised by UCT staff, or an official student society, or endorsed by the SRC.
2) The department, society or other organizer of the event or initiative must be clearly identifiable on the image.
3) The event or initiative must be for UCT staff or students.
For SRC-endorsed events or initiatives, we require an email from the appropriate SRC portfolio co-ordinator endorsing the
event/initiative and the specific image submitted.
If it is unclear to us whether your image meets the above requirements, we will reject it.
If your event/initiative meets these requirements, please send an image which meets the specifications highlighted above to help\
Please specify the expiry date of the image when the event or initiative is no longer relevant, and an optional URL which the image should be linked to.
If you don\'t have image creation software you can try the free online service offered by pixlr (http:\/\/\/editor\/)
Your image, if approved, will usually be placed in the rotation on the Vula landing page within 2 working days. However,
we do not offer any specific guarantee of how long this process will take, so please plan in advance for time-sensitive images.
The Vula Help Team
Centre for Educational Technology, UCT
Email: help\
Phone: 021-650-5500
return $content;