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(ns edn-query-language.core
(:refer-clojure :exclude [ident?])
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.test.check.generators :as gen #?@(:cljs [:include-macros true])]
;; query specs
(def generators
(fn gen-property [_] gen/keyword-ns)
(fn gen-special-property [_] (gen/return '*))
(fn gen-ident-key [_] gen/keyword-ns)
(fn gen-ident-value [_]
(gen/frequency [[15 gen/simple-type-printable]
[1 (gen/return '_)]]))
(fn gen-ident [{::keys [gen-ident-key gen-ident-value] :as env}]
(gen-ident-key env)
(gen-ident-value env)))
(fn gen-params [_] (gen/map gen/any-printable gen/any-printable))
(fn gen-join-key [{::keys [gen-property gen-ident gen-join-key-param-expr] :as env}]
(gen/frequency [[10 (gen-property env)]
[3 (gen-ident env)]
[1 (gen-join-key-param-expr env)]]))
(fn gen-join-key-param-key [{::keys [gen-property gen-ident] :as env}]
(gen/one-of [(gen-property env) (gen-ident env)]))
(fn gen-join-key-param-expr [{::keys [gen-join-key-param-key gen-params] :as env}]
(gen/let [q (gen-join-key-param-key env)
p (gen-params env)]
(list q p)))
(fn gen-join [{::keys [gen-join-key gen-join-query] :as env}]
(gen/map (gen-join-key env) (gen-join-query env) {:num-elements 1}))
(fn gen-join-query [{::keys [gen-query gen-union gen-recursion] :as env}]
(gen/frequency [[10 (gen-query env)]
[2 (gen-union env)]
[1 (gen-recursion env)]]))
(fn gen-union-key [_] gen/keyword-ns)
(fn gen-union [{::keys [gen-union-key gen-query] :as env}]
(gen/map (gen-union-key env) (gen-query env) {:min-elements 1}))
(fn gen-depth [_] (gen/large-integer* {:min 1 :max 5}))
(fn gen-recursion [{::keys [gen-depth] :as env}]
(gen/one-of [(gen-depth env) (gen/return '...)]))
(fn gen-param-expr-key [{::keys [gen-property gen-join gen-ident] :as env}]
(gen/frequency [[20 (gen-property env)]
[8 (gen-join env)]
[4 (gen-ident env)]]))
(fn gen-param-expr [{::keys [gen-param-expr-key gen-params] :as env}]
(gen/let [q (gen-param-expr-key env)
p (gen-params env)]
(list q p)))
(fn gen-query-expr [{::keys [gen-property gen-join gen-ident gen-param-expr gen-special-property gen-mutation]
:as env}]
(gen/frequency [[20 (gen-property env)]
[6 (gen-join env)]
[1 (gen-ident env)]
[2 (gen-param-expr env)]
[1 (gen-mutation env)]
[1 (gen-special-property env)]]))
(fn gen-query [{::keys [gen-property gen-query-expr gen-max-depth] :as env}]
(if (> gen-max-depth 0)
(gen/vector (gen-query-expr (update env ::gen-max-depth dec)))
(gen/vector-distinct (gen-property env))))
(fn gen-mutation-key [_] gen/symbol)
(fn gen-mutation-expr [{::keys [gen-mutation-key gen-params] :as env}]
(gen/let [key (gen-mutation-key env)
val (gen-params env)]
(list key val)))
(fn mutation-join [{::keys [gen-mutation-expr gen-query] :as env}]
(gen/map (gen-mutation-expr env) (gen-query env) {:num-elements 1}))
(fn gen-mutation [{::keys [gen-mutation-expr gen-mutation-join] :as env}]
(gen/frequency [[5 (gen-mutation-expr env)]
[1 (gen-mutation-join env)]]))})
(defn default-gen [name]
#((get generators name) generators))
(defn make-gen
[env name]
(let [env (merge generators env)
gen (get env name)]
(assert gen (str "No generator available for " name))
((get env name) env)))
(s/def ::property keyword?)
(s/def ::special-property #{'*})
(s/def ::ident-value (s/with-gen any? (default-gen ::gen-ident-value)))
(s/def ::ident (s/with-gen (s/tuple ::property ::ident-value) (default-gen ::gen-ident)))
(s/def ::key (s/or :prop ::property, :ident ::ident))
(s/def ::join-key (s/or :prop ::property, :ident ::ident, :param-exp ::join-key-param-expr))
(s/def ::join (s/map-of ::join-key ::join-query, :count 1, :conform-keys true))
(s/def ::union (s/map-of ::property ::query, :min-count 1, :conform-keys true))
(s/def ::recursion-depth (s/with-gen nat-int? (default-gen ::gen-depth)))
(s/def ::recursion (s/or :depth ::recursion-depth, :unbounded #{'...}))
(s/def ::join-query
(s/or :query ::query
:union ::union
:recursion ::recursion)
(default-gen ::gen-join-query)))
(s/def ::params
(s/with-gen map? (default-gen ::gen-params)))
(s/def ::param-expr-key
(s/or :prop ::property
:join ::join
:ident ::ident)
(default-gen ::gen-param-expr-key)))
(s/def ::param-expr
(s/and seq? (s/cat :expr ::param-expr-key :params (s/? ::params)))
(default-gen ::gen-param-expr)))
(s/def ::join-key-param-key (s/or :prop ::property :ident ::ident))
(s/def ::join-key-param-expr
(s/and seq? (s/cat :expr ::join-key-param-key :params (s/? ::params)))
(default-gen ::gen-join-key-param-expr)))
(s/def ::mutation-key (s/with-gen symbol? (default-gen ::gen-mutation-key)))
(s/def ::mutation-expr
(s/and seq? (s/cat :mutate-key ::mutation-key :params (s/? ::params)))
(default-gen ::gen-mutation-expr)))
(s/def ::mutation-join
(s/map-of ::mutation-expr ::query :count 1 :conform-keys true))
(s/def ::mutation
(s/or :mutation ::mutation-expr
:mutation-join ::mutation-join))
(s/def ::query-expr
(s/or :prop ::property
:join ::join
:ident ::ident
:mutation ::mutation
:param-exp ::param-expr
:special ::special-property))
(s/def ::query
(s/coll-of ::query-expr :kind vector? :gen (default-gen ::gen-query)))
(gen/sample (make-gen {::gen-params
(fn [_] (gen/return {:param "value"}))}
; example of customizing parts of the query generator
(let [system (assoc generators
(fn [_] (gen/map (gen/elements [:param :foo/param]) gen/string-ascii))
(fn [_] (gen/elements [:id :name :title :foo :bar :other :price :namespaced/value]))
(fn [_] (gen/elements [:user/by-id :other/by-id]))
(fn [_] gen/string-ascii)
(fn [_] (gen/elements '[do-something create/this-thing operation.on/space])))]
(gen/sample ((::gen-query system) system))))
;; ast specs
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/query ::join-query)
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/key (s/or :prop ::property :ident ::ident :sym symbol?))
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/dispatch-key (s/or :prop ::property :sym symbol?))
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/union-key ::property)
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/children
(s/coll-of :edn-query-language.ast/node))
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/root
(s/and (s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/children])
#(= :root (:type %))
(fn [x] (every? (comp #(contains? #{:prop :join :call nil} %) :type) (:children x)))))
(defmulti node-type :type)
(defmethod node-type nil [_]
(s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/key :edn-query-language.ast/dispatch-key]))
(defmethod node-type :prop [_]
(s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/key :edn-query-language.ast/dispatch-key]))
(defmethod node-type :join [_]
(s/and (s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/key :edn-query-language.ast/dispatch-key :edn-query-language.ast/query] :opt-un [:edn-query-language.ast/children])
#(if (-> % :query first (= :recursion)) % (if (contains? % :children) % false))
(fn [x] (every? (comp #(contains? #{:prop :join :union :call nil} %) :type) (:children x)))))
(defmethod node-type :union [_]
(s/and (s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/query :edn-query-language.ast/children])
#(every? (comp #{:union-entry} :type) (:children %))))
(defmethod node-type :union-entry [_]
(s/and (s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/union-key :edn-query-language.ast/query :edn-query-language.ast/children])
(fn [x] (every? (comp #(contains? #{:prop :join :call nil} %) :type) (:children x)))))
(defmethod node-type :call [_]
(s/and (s/keys :req-un [:edn-query-language.ast/type :edn-query-language.ast/key :edn-query-language.ast/dispatch-key ::params] :opt-un [:edn-query-language.ast/query :edn-query-language.ast/children])
(fn [x] (every? (comp #(contains? #{:prop :join :call nil} %) :type) (:children x)))))
(defmethod node-type :root [_]
(s/spec :edn-query-language.ast/root))
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/type (set (keys (methods node-type))))
(s/def :edn-query-language.ast/node (s/multi-spec node-type :type))
;; library
(declare expr->ast)
(defn- mark-meta [source target]
(cond-> target
(meta source) (assoc :meta (meta source))))
(defn symbol->ast [k]
{:dispatch-key k
:key k})
(defn keyword->ast [k]
{:type :prop
:dispatch-key k
:key k})
(defn union-entry->ast [[k v]]
(let [component (-> v meta :component)]
{:type :union-entry
:union-key k
:query v
:children (into [] (map expr->ast) v)}
(when-not (nil? component)
{:component component}))))
(defn union->ast [m]
{:type :union
:query m
:children (into [] (map union-entry->ast) m)})
(defn call->ast [[f args :as call]]
(if (= 'quote f)
(assoc (expr->ast args) :target (or (-> call meta :target) :remote))
(let [ast (update-in (expr->ast f) [:params] merge (or args {}))]
(cond-> (mark-meta call ast)
(symbol? (:dispatch-key ast)) (assoc :type :call)))))
(defn query->ast
"Convert a query to its AST representation."
(let [component (-> query meta :component)]
(mark-meta query
{:type :root
:children (into [] (map expr->ast) query)})
(when-not (nil? component)
{:component component}))))
(s/fdef query->ast
:args (s/cat :query (s/nilable ::query))
:ret :edn-query-language.ast/root)
(defn query->ast1
"Call query->ast and return the first children."
(-> (query->ast query-expr) :children first))
(s/fdef query->ast1
:args (s/cat :query ::query)
:ret :edn-query-language.ast/root)
(defn join->ast [join]
(let [query-root? (-> join meta :query-root)
[k v] (first join)
ast (expr->ast k)
type (if (= :call (:type ast)) :call :join)
component (-> v meta :component)]
(merge ast
(mark-meta join {:type type :query v})
(when-not (nil? component)
{:component component})
(when query-root?
{:query-root true})
(when-not (or (number? v) (= '... v))
(vector? v) {:children (into [] (map expr->ast) v)}
(map? v) {:children [(union->ast v)]}
:else (throw
(ex-info (str "Invalid join, " join)
{:type :error/invalid-join})))))))
(defn ident->ast [[k id :as ref]]
{:type :prop
:dispatch-key k
:key ref})
(defn expr->ast
"Given a query expression convert it into an AST."
(symbol? x) (symbol->ast x)
(keyword? x) (keyword->ast x)
(map? x) (join->ast x)
(vector? x) (ident->ast x)
(seq? x) (call->ast x)
:else (throw
(ex-info (str "Invalid expression " x)
{:type :error/invalid-expression}))))
(defn wrap-expr [root? expr]
(if root?
(cond-> expr (keyword? expr) list)
{:query-root true})
(defn parameterize [expr params]
(if-not (empty? params)
(list expr params)
(list expr)))
(defn ast->expr
"Given a query expression AST convert it back into a query expression."
(ast->expr ast false))
([{:keys [type component] ast-meta :meta :as ast} unparse?]
(if (= :root type)
(cond-> (into (with-meta [] ast-meta) (map #(ast->expr % unparse?)) (:children ast))
(not (nil? component)) (vary-meta assoc :component component))
(let [{:keys [key query query-root params]} ast]
(wrap-expr query-root
(if (and params (not= :call type))
(let [expr (ast->expr (dissoc ast :params) unparse?)]
(parameterize expr params))
(let [key (if (= :call type) (parameterize key params) key)]
(if (or (= :join type)
(and (= :call type) (:children ast)))
(if (and (not= '... query) (not (number? query))
(or (true? unparse?)
(= :call type)))
(let [{:keys [children]} ast
query-meta (meta query)]
(if (and (== 1 (count children))
(= :union (:type (first children)))) ;; UNION
{key (into (cond-> (with-meta {} ast-meta)
component (vary-meta assoc :component component))
(map (fn [{:keys [union-key children component]}]
(cond-> (into [] (map #(ast->expr % unparse?)) children)
(not (nil? component)) (vary-meta assoc :component component))]))
(:children (first children)))}
{key (cond-> (into (with-meta [] query-meta) (map #(ast->expr % unparse?)) children)
(not (nil? component)) (vary-meta assoc :component component))}
(with-meta {key query} ast-meta))
(defn ast->query [query-ast]
"Given an AST convert it back into a query expression."
(ast->expr query-ast true))
(s/fdef ast->query
:args (s/cat :ast :edn-query-language.ast/node)
:ret :edn-query-language.ast/root)
(defn ident?
"Check if x is a EQL ident."
(and (vector? x)
(keyword? (first x))
(= 2 (count x))))
(s/fdef ident?
:args (s/cat :x any?)
:ret boolean?)
;; query processing helpers
(declare focus-subquery*)
(defn- focus-subquery-union*
[query-ast sub-ast]
(let [s-index (into {} (map #(vector (:union-key %) %)) (:children sub-ast))]
(assoc query-ast
(fn [children {:keys [union-key] :as union-entry}]
(if-let [sub (get s-index union-key)]
(conj children (focus-subquery* union-entry sub))
(conj children union-entry)))
(:children query-ast)))))
(defn- focus-subquery*
[query-ast sub-ast]
(let [q-index (into {} (map #(vector (:key %) %)) (:children query-ast))]
(assoc query-ast
(fn [children {:keys [key type] :as focus}]
(if-let [source (get q-index key)]
(= :join type (:type source))
(conj children (focus-subquery* source focus))
(= :union type (:type source))
(conj children (focus-subquery-union* source focus))
(conj children source))
(:children sub-ast)))))
(defn focus-subquery
"Given a query, focus it along the specified query expression.
(focus-query [:foo :bar :baz] [:foo])
=> [:foo]
(fulcro.client.primitives/focus-query [{:foo [:bar :baz]} :woz] [{:foo [:bar]} :woz])
=> [{:foo [:bar]} :woz]"
[query sub-query]
(let [query-ast (query->ast query)
sub-ast (query->ast sub-query)]
(ast->expr (focus-subquery* query-ast sub-ast) true)))
(s/fdef focus-subquery
:args (s/cat :query ::query :sub-query ::query)
:ret ::query)
(defn transduce-children
"Recursivelly transduce children on the AST, you can use this to apply filter/transformations
on a whole AST. Each iteration of the transducer will get a single AST node to process.
(->> [:a {:b [:c :d]} :e]
(p/transduce-children (remove (comp #{:a :c} :key)))
; => [{:b [:d]} :e]
[xform {:keys [children] :as node}]
(cond-> node
(seq children)
(update :children
(fn [children]
(into [] (comp xform (map #(transduce-children xform %))) children)))))
(s/fdef transduce-children
:args (s/cat :xform fn? :node :edn-query-language.ast/node)
:ret :edn-query-language.ast/node)
(defn union-children?
"Given an AST point, check if the children is a union query type."
(= :union (some-> ast :children first :type)))
(s/fdef union-children?
:args (s/cat :ast :edn-query-language.ast/node)
:ret boolean?)
(defn update-property-param
"Add property param, eg:
(p/update-property-param :keyword assoc :foo \"bar\") => (:keyword {:foo \"bar\"})
(p/update-property-param '(:keyword {:param \"prev\"}) assoc :foo \"bar\") => (:keyword {:foo \"bar\" :param \"prev\"})
[x f & args]
(if (seq? x)
(let [[k p] x]
(list k (apply f p args)))
(list x (apply f {} args))))
(s/fdef update-property-param
:args (s/cat :x (s/or :property ::property
:expr ::param-expr)
:f fn?
:args (s/* any?))
:ret ::param-expr)
(defn merge-asts
"Merges two ast's."
[qa qb]
(reduce (fn [ast {:keys [key type params] :as item-b}]
(if-let [[idx item] (->> ast :children
(keep-indexed #(if (-> %2 :key (= key)) [%1 %2]))
(or (= :join (:type item) type)
(= :prop (:type item) type))
(if (= (:params item) params)
(update-in ast [:children idx] merge-asts item-b)
(reduced nil))
(and (= :prop (:type item))
(= :join type))
(assoc-in ast [:children idx] item-b)
(= :call type)
(reduced nil)
:else ast)
(update ast :children conj item-b)))
(:children qb)))
(s/fdef merge-asts
:args (s/cat :qa :edn-query-language.ast/node, :qb :edn-query-language.ast/node)
:ret (s/nilable :edn-query-language.ast/node))
(defn merge-queries
"Merges two queries"
[qa qb]
(some-> (merge-asts (query->ast qa) (query->ast qb))
(s/fdef merge-queries
:args (s/cat :qa (s/nilable ::query), :qb (s/nilable ::query))
:ret (s/nilable ::query))
(defn normalize-query-variables
"Converts ident values and param values to ::p/var."
(->> (query->ast query)
(map (fn [x]
(cond-> x
(ident? (:key x))
(assoc :key [(first (:key x)) ::var])
(:params x)
(update :params #(into {} (map (fn [[k _]] [k ::var])) %))))))
(defn query-id
"Generates a consistent hash from the query. The query first goes to a process to remove any
variables from idents and params, then we get the Clojure hash of it. You can use this to save
information about a query that can be used to correlate with the query later."
(hash (normalize-query-variables query)))