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Support removing specs from Clojurescript build

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# Changelog

## [0.0.4]
- focus-subquery* is public
- support removing specs from Clojurescript build
@@ -707,6 +707,16 @@ One more example changing many definitions:
If you wanna see an even more advanced usage, you can check link:[Pathom connect generator], which
uses the Pathom connect index to generate queries that are valid according to the user property graph.

==== Removing specs on Clojurescript

If you are not using the specs provided by Pathom you can free some build space by
eliding then. To do that you need to set the Clojurescript compiler options with:

{:closure-defines {edn-query-language.core.INCLUDE_SPECS false}}

=== AST Encode/Decode

To convert between query and AST, EQL provides the helper functions `eql/query->ast` and

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