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nodejs part of herbie the musical wall of joy.

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it's an html5 music player app

Herbie UI in OS X

This repo holds the alluring node.js code for the UI layer.

Installation Instructions for those who dare tread the dark path

  1. Install node

  2. npm install

  3. cp settings.js-local settings.js

Other parts

The Herbie UI talks to rockit, the server to work with audio data. Check the docs on rockit to see how to set up API authentication. When setting up a dev environment, you'll need rockitlib to upload your MP3s.


To connect to rockit (probably your local dev instance), you need rockit to grant you an API key and an API secret. Edit settings.js with those values. It will look something like this:

var options = {
  // ...
  apiDomain: 'http://localhost:8000',  // rockit dev server
  apiKey: 'herbie',  // API key
  apiSecret: 'I once ate 9 tacos all in one go'  // API secret string
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