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Creating Roller

The Idea

I wanted to make a basic micro blog which allowed users to post images and text with a single global feed. Then I thought about creating Roller as a demo of a micro blog using node, express and redis.

Building Blocks for Microblog Functionality

We will need the following functionality to run a basic microblog:

  • Add a post
  • Delete a post
  • Like a post
  • Unlike a post

But some of this functionality has rules:

  • Delete a post
    • Only the author (the person who created the post) can delete
    • If a post is deleted, then any likes that were saved with the post should also be deleted
  • Like a post
    • If a post is liked, then it must be added to the person's "Liked" feed
  • Unlike a post
    • If a post is unliked, then it must be removed from the person's "Liked" feed

So we need to build additional logic that abides by these rules. Since redis is not like a relational database, we need to have different keys for these various pieces:

  • A set for all the liked posts by a user, so we can quickly use it to check whether a post has been liked
  • A list of all the liked posts by a user, ordered from most recent to oldest for the user's liked feed
  • An incrementation counter for every new post that is added to generate a unique ID
  • A list of all add posts by all users, ordered from most recent to oldest for the global feed
  • A hash for the actual post containing the core metadata

File Uploading with Amazon S3

To allow for file uploading as a post option, I've decided to use S3 as a source for hosting the files. You are free to use another service and replace the appropriate values and code in local.json and in roller.js.

Creating the Interface

Since status updates are limited to photos/images and text, we want to keep the interface as minimal as possible. As a result, I decided to keep the background and default colours to a dark gray and black theme and only bring in a high contrast when an icon or post is hovered over.

The Final Product

You can easily set this app up either locally or on your own server or test out the beta version at