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import urllib
import re
import web
from web import session
from redis import Redis
clean_url = re.compile('^(feed://)')
r = Redis()
class Feed(object):
def add(self,url):
url = clean_url.sub("http://",url)
if not r.exists("url:" + str(url) + ":fid"):
feed_id = r.incr("global:nextFeedId")
r.set("fid:" + str(feed_id) + ":url",url)
r.set("url:" + url + ":fid",feed_id)
r.set("uid:" + str(session.user_id) + ":feeds",feed_id)
r.set("fid:" + str(feed_id) + ":uid",session.user_id)
return True
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