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Take a list of domains, crawl urls and scan for endpoints, secrets, api keys, file extensions, tokens and more

go-report-card workflows ubuntu-build win10-build pr-welcome
Mainteinance yes ask me anything license-GPL3
Coded with πŸ’™ by edoardottt
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Install β€’ Get Started β€’ Examples β€’ Changelog β€’ Contributing β€’ License

Installation πŸ“‘

Using Snap

sudo snap install cariddi

Using Go

go install -v

Building from source

You need Go.

  • Linux

    • git clone
    • cd cariddi
    • go get ./...
    • make linux (to install)
    • make unlinux (to uninstall)

    Or in one line: git clone; cd cariddi; go get; make linux

  • Windows (executable works only in cariddi folder.)

    • git clone
    • cd cariddi
    • go get ./...
    • .\make.bat windows (to install)
    • .\make.bat unwindows (to uninstall)

Get Started πŸŽ‰

cariddi -h prints the help.

Usage of cariddi:
  -c int
     Concurrency level. (default 20)
     Use the .cariddi_cache folder as cache.
  -d int
     Delay between a page crawled and another.
     Print debug information while crawling.
  -e Hunt for juicy endpoints.
  -ef string
     Use an external file (txt, one per line) to use custom parameters for endpoints hunting.
     Hunt for errors in websites.
     Print the examples.
  -ext int
     Hunt for juicy file extensions. Integer from 1(juicy) to 7(not juicy).
  -h Print the help.
  -headers string
     Use custom headers for each request E.g. -headers "Cookie: auth=yes;;Client: type=2".
  -headersfile string
     Read from an external file custom headers (same format of headers flag).
     Print the output as JSON in stdout.
  -i string
     Ignore the URL containing at least one of the elements of this array.
     Hunt for useful informations in websites.
     Crawl searching for resources matching 2nd level domain.
  -it string
     Ignore the URL containing at least one of the lines of this file.
  -oh string
     Write the output into an HTML file.
  -ot string
     Write the output into a TXT file.
     Print only the results.
  -proxy string
     Set a Proxy to be used (http and socks5 supported).
     Use a random browser user agent on every request.
  -s Hunt for secrets.
  -sf string
     Use an external file (txt, one per line) to use custom regexes for secrets hunting.
     Store HTTP responses.
  -t int
     Set timeout for the requests. (default 10)
  -ua string
     Use a custom User Agent.
     Print the version.

Examples πŸ’‘

  • cariddi -version (Print the version)

  • cariddi -h (Print the help)

  • cariddi -examples (Print the examples)

  • cat urls | cariddi -s (Hunt for secrets)

  • cat urls | cariddi -d 2 (2 seconds between a page crawled and another)

  • cat urls | cariddi -c 200 (Set the concurrency level to 200)

  • cat urls | cariddi -e (Hunt for juicy endpoints)

  • cat urls | cariddi -plain (Print only results)

  • cat urls | cariddi -ot target_name (Results in txt file)

  • cat urls | cariddi -oh target_name (Results in html file)

  • cat urls | cariddi -ext 2 (Hunt for juicy (level 2 out of 7) files)

  • cat urls | cariddi -e -ef endpoints_file (Hunt for custom endpoints)

  • cat urls | cariddi -s -sf secrets_file (Hunt for custom secrets)

  • cat urls | cariddi -i forum,blog,community,open (Ignore urls containing these words)

  • cat urls | cariddi -it ignore_file (Ignore urls containing at least one line in the input file)

  • cat urls | cariddi -cache (Use the .cariddi_cache folder as cache)

  • cat urls | cariddi -t 5 (Set the timeout for the requests)

  • cat urls | cariddi -intensive (Crawl searching also subdomains, same as *

  • cat urls | cariddi -rua (Use a random browser user agent on every request)

  • cat urls | cariddi -proxy (Set a Proxy, http and socks5 supported)

  • cat urls | cariddi -headers "Cookie: auth=admin;type=2;; X-Custom: customHeader"

  • cat urls | cariddi -headersfile headers.txt (Read from an external file custom headers)

  • cat urls | cariddi -err (Hunt for errors in websites)

  • cat urls | cariddi -info (Hunt for useful informations in websites)

  • cat urls | cariddi -debug (Print debug information while crawling)

  • cat urls | cariddi -ua "Custom User Agent" (Use a custom User Agent)

  • cat urls | cariddi -json (Print the output as JSON in stdout)

  • cat urls | cariddi -sr (Store HTTP responses)

  • For Windows:

    • use powershell.exe -Command "cat urls | .\cariddi.exe" inside the Command prompt
    • or just cat urls | cariddi.exe using PowerShell
  • To integrate cariddi with Burpsuite follow these steps.

Changelog πŸ“Œ

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

Contributing πŸ› 

Just open an issue/pull request.

Before opening a pull request, download golangci-lint and run

golangci-lint run

If there aren't errors, go ahead :)

Help me building this!

Special thanks to: go-colly, ocervell, zricethezav, projectdiscovery, tomnomnom, RegexPassive and all the contributors.

License πŸ“

This repository is under GNU General Public License v3.0. to contact me.