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edovshitler is a simple game that I enjoyed making it. SAVE THE EARTH! 👾 🎮
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edovshitler 👾 🎮

edovshitler is a simple game for computers that I enjoyed making it. It's made using Python, especially with pygame library and SQLite3.

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**The files in the first level are used to develop the game. In dist,build and pycache folders, there are files built with pyinstaller **

It's important that all the files that are in dist folder stay in dist folder.

It's developed with pygame 1.9.5 library that helps game creating. It's a 2D game, based on Alien (a similar pc game). The game controls are:

  - Left arrow key - move to left
  - Right arrow key - move to right
  - Space key - shoot the enemies
  - P key - Pause and resume the game

It stores the record (maximum bombs avoided, maximum missiles shooted and maximum enemies killed) in the result.db database (SQLite3).

It's built with 'pyinstaller --onefile' command. To create your own executable file with your changes:

For download pyinstaller, execute:

  pip install pyinstaller

And then (inside the edovshitler folder) :

  pyinstaller --onefile

(The .exe is into /dist)

All the files you see in dist folder except the executable file are mandatory (images and script used by .exe file)

It can run on Windows 10 | 8.1 | 8 | 7 | Vista


WITH PIP --> pip install edovshitler

GIT command on prompt: git -clone

Download by Browser on:


  1. Download the repository

  2. Execute the /dist/ file for initialize the database (or follow the step 4)

  3. How to play:

    3a) run the edovshitler.bat file by clicking two times on it


    3b) with a command prompt in edovshitler folder type edovshitler and ENTER


    3c) double click on /dist/game.exe file

  4. If you want to reset the database:

    4a) run the reset.bat file by clicking two times on it


    4b) with a command prompt in edovshitler folder type reset and ENTER


    4c) double click on /dist/ file

  5. Have fun playing it! ⚡️⚡️⚡️



  - Added release on pip


  - Added a Menu
  - Added a pause/resume game option


  - First release

If you liked it drop a ⭐️ for contact me.

              Edoardo Ottavianelli ©
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