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Implementations of various problems using Python. Dynamic Programming, BackTracking & Sorting algorithms 💻
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Dynamic Programming

py-problems-solutions 💻

Some implementations to various problems with Python.

Python 3.6 Codacy Badge

I wrote these files while I was attending 'Algorithm Design' course held by Prof. Monti in Sapienza University. The course concerned about:

   Graph Theory
   Greedy algorithms
   Divide et Impera
   Dynamic Programming
   BackTracking algorithms
   Depth and Breadth first search
   Dijkstra's algorithm
   Tarjan's algorithm
   Directed acyclic graph
   Particular graphs and problems:
       - Knapsack
       - Longest Path in DAG
       - CPM
       - Sudoku

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  Edoardo Ottavianelli ©
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