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from django.conf import settings
from django.template import Library
from django.core import context_processors
from fluent_comments.models import get_comments_for_model
from fluent_comments.moderation import comments_are_open, comments_are_moderated
register = Library()
@register.inclusion_tag("fluent_comments/templatetags/ajax_comment_tags.html", takes_context=True)
def ajax_comment_tags(context):
Display the required ``<div>`` elements to let the Ajax comment functionality work with your form.
new_context = {
'STATIC_URL': context.get('STATIC_URL', None)
# Be configuration independent:
if new_context['STATIC_URL'] is None:
request = context['request']
except KeyError:
new_context.update({'STATIC_URL': settings.STATIC_URL})
return new_context
register.filter('comments_are_open', comments_are_open)
register.filter('comments_are_moderated', comments_are_moderated)
def comments_count(content_object):
Return the number of comments posted at a target object.
You can use this instead of the ``{% get_comment_count for [object] as [varname] %}`` tag.
return get_comments_for_model(content_object).count()
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