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from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist, ValidationError
from django.db import models
from django.http import HttpResponse, HttpResponseBadRequest
from django.utils import simplejson
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from django.template import RequestContext
from django.contrib import comments
from django.contrib.comments import signals
from django.contrib.comments.views.comments import CommentPostBadRequest
from django.utils.html import escape
from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_protect
from django.views.decorators.http import require_POST
from fluent_comments import appsettings
def post_comment_ajax(request, using=None):
Post a comment, via an Ajax call.
if not request.is_ajax():
return HttpResponseBadRequest("Expecting Ajax call")
# This is copied from django.contrib.comments.
# Basically that view does too much, and doesn't offer a hook to change the rendering.
# The request object is not passed to next_redirect for example.
# This is a separate view to integrate both features. Previously this used django-ajaxcomments
# which is unfortunately not thread-safe (it it changes the comment view per request).
# Fill out some initial data fields from an authenticated user, if present
data = request.POST.copy()
if request.user.is_authenticated():
if not data.get('name', ''):
data["name"] = request.user.get_full_name() or request.user.username
if not data.get('email', ''):
data["email"] =
# Look up the object we're trying to comment about
ctype = data.get("content_type")
object_pk = data.get("object_pk")
if ctype is None or object_pk is None:
return CommentPostBadRequest("Missing content_type or object_pk field.")
model = models.get_model(*ctype.split(".", 1))
target = model._default_manager.using(using).get(pk=object_pk)
except TypeError:
return CommentPostBadRequest("Invalid content_type value: {0!r}".format)
except AttributeError:
return CommentPostBadRequest("The given content-type {0} does not resolve to a valid model.".format)
except ObjectDoesNotExist:
return CommentPostBadRequest("No object matching content-type {0} and object PK {1} exists.".format(escape(ctype), escape(object_pk)))
except (ValueError, ValidationError), e:
return CommentPostBadRequest("Attempting go get content-type {0!r} and object PK {1!r} exists raised {2}".format(escape(ctype), escape(object_pk), e.__class__.__name__))
# Do we want to preview the comment?
preview = "preview" in data
# Construct the comment form
form = comments.get_form()(target, data=data)
# Check security information
if form.security_errors():
return CommentPostBadRequest("The comment form failed security verification: {0}".format)
# If there are errors or if we requested a preview show the comment
if preview:
comment = form.get_comment_object() if not form.errors else None
return _ajax_result(request, form, "preview", comment)
if form.errors:
return _ajax_result(request, form, "post")
# Otherwise create the comment
comment = form.get_comment_object()
comment.ip_address = request.META.get("REMOTE_ADDR", None)
if request.user.is_authenticated():
comment.user = request.user
# Signal that the comment is about to be saved
responses = signals.comment_will_be_posted.send(
sender = comment.__class__,
comment = comment,
request = request
for (receiver, response) in responses:
if response is False:
return CommentPostBadRequest("comment_will_be_posted receiver {0} killed the comment".format(receiver.__name__))
# Save the comment and signal that it was saved
sender = comment.__class__,
comment = comment,
request = request
return _ajax_result(request, form, "post", comment)
def _ajax_result(request, form, action, comment=None):
# Based on django-ajaxcomments, BSD licensed.
# Copyright (c) 2009 Brandon Konkle and individual contributors.
# This code was extracted out of django-ajaxcomments because
# django-ajaxcomments is not threadsafe, and it was refactored afterwards.
success = True
json_errors = {}
if form.errors:
for field_name in form.errors:
field = form[field_name]
json_errors[field_name] = _render_errors(field)
success = False
comment_html = None
if comment:
context = {
'comment': comment,
'action': action,
'preview': (action == 'preview'),
comment_html = render_to_string('comments/comment.html', context, context_instance=RequestContext(request))
json_response = simplejson.dumps({
'success': success,
'action': action,
'errors': json_errors,
'html': comment_html,
'comment_id': if comment else None,
return HttpResponse(json_response, mimetype="application/json")
def _render_errors(field):
Render form errors in crispy-forms style.
template = '{0}/layout/field_errors.html'.format(appsettings.CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK)
return render_to_string(template, {
'field': field,
'form_show_errors': True,
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