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Basic Pub/Sub over HTTP/S
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HTTP Pub Sub

It's an HTTPS server that has a blocking read-write pipe based on URL paths. Effectively, it's just paths connected via channel.


git clone
go build
go build -ldflags="-s -w"


You can run it using some of these options. To run in the background use nohup and some redirection

./httpubsub --port=8080
./httpubsub --port=8080 --cert=[some file] --cert-key=[some other file]
nohup ./httpubsub 2>&1 >httpubsub.log &


A user @anderspitman posted an awesome creation called PatchBay on Hacker News. Then someone asked for source. Then after seeing the service I thought: "it's just channels" And I posted that I expected to see a clone in Go real soon. Then an associate called me out to post it.


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