Contains matrix sketching algorithms in python
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Matrix Sketching

This repo was created by Edo Liberty and Mina Ghashami. It builds all common streaming matrix sketching algroithms in Python. It is developed for academic use only and for reproducability of the results in the following papers


If you are only using the library, you will noly need to the "python" folder. It contains an file for your convenience.

Running tests and experiments

Running tests requires using the -m flag which is standard in python unittesting. For example, to run the bruteForce sketcher test, go to the parent directory (outside frequentdirection/) and run

python -m frequentdirections.test.testBruteForce


Please feel free to send me pull requests. The test package is minimal. So, if you make chages to the core classes. Please also include the tests to cover your changes.