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output SMT syntax from Guile
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Write SMT syntax from Guile.

Some examples in the examples directory

SMT Scheme
assert e smt-assert 'e
declare-sort A smt-sort 'A
define-sort A () Int smt-sort 'A 'Int
define-sort A (T) (Array Int T) smt-sort 'A '(T) '(Array Int T)
declare-fun foo ((p Int) (q Int)) Int smt-fun 'foo '((p Int) (q Int)) 'Int
define-fun foo ((p Int) (q Int)) Int (+ p q) smt-fun 'foo '((p Int) (q Int)) 'Int (+ p q)
declare-const bar Int smt-const 'foo 'Int
minimize e smt-minimize e
maximize e smt-maximize e
declare-datatypes () ((A (Foo Bar Baz ))) smt-scalar 'A '(Foo Bar Baz)
declare-datatypes () ((A (mk-A ((Foo T) (Bar V) (Baz K))))) smt-record 'A '((Foo T) (Bar V) (Baz K))
declare-datatypes (T V K) ((A (mk-A ((Foo T) (Bar V) (Baz K))))) smt-record 'A '((Foo T) (Bar V) (Baz K)) '(T V K)
; a comment smt-comment "a comment"
check-sat smt-check-sat
get-model smt-get-model
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