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A screencaster for live video services
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Lycheese running

Lycheese is an application to stream live events from your device to services like Youtube Live, Twich, Ustream etc.

Lycheese is Free and Open Source Software and is licensed under the GLP3 license (what does this mean)

What's working?

It compiles and can stream to a server whose address is hardcoded provided by the user (tried with Youtube).

How to stream

Run Lycheese and click on "Record and stream", the app will prompt you for the rtmp url and stream key.

What's missing?

  • Getting user input for the service url.
  • Enable different video sources (screen is the only available ATM)
  • Provide a mute button.
  • Dynamic source switching.
  • Input validation
  • feedback from Gstreamer to the user

How can I contribute?


Build from sources

Install libgstreamer1.0-dev, libgtk-3-dev, valac

lycheese uses the meson build system so building is as simple as running three commands

meson build
cd build

Interesting branches

  • webm: I saw somewhere that we could do a live stream with WebM instead of Flash, seemed interesting; don't know the feasibility or if there really are live WebM server out there

  • x264_threaded_slice: sliced threads can lower the latency but are inefficient

How can I test the streaming?

There are two easy way, install a local rtmp server or use one like Youtube Live.

local server

Install the simple rmtp server, you can download binaries for Ubuntu 14.04, and there is a INSTALL file, just run it with sudo ./INSTALL.

SRS is provided with default configurations and an init script to use it.

Edit the file /etc/init.d/srs, replace .CONFIG="./conf/srs.conf" with .CONFIG="./conf/demo.srs", restart the server with the command sudo /etc/init.d/srs restart .

Now there is a rtmp server running on your machine, it will listen to incoming streams on the url rtmp:// and you can see them on the same url using media players live VLC.

To start the server sudo /etc/init.d/srs start .

To stop the server sudo /etc/init.d/srs stop .

To add it to the startup processes sudo /etc/init.d/srs enable .

To remove it from the startup processes sudo /etc/init.d/srs disable .

Changing the init file will require a restart sudo /etc/init.d/srs restart .


Log in Youtube and go to the "Live streaming" section, scroll down till the config card, there are both the rtmp url and stream key.

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