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A small Python script to display and refresh periodically the time of your next train(s) in a terminal.

Since it is fetching data from the Deutsche Bahn, you may use this script for display next connection times on any line in whole germany. It takes into account delays, train cancelations, and probably missed connections on the way.

When a delay information is available, the number of minutes Y is added to the displayed time Z as Z+Y. If other troubles are detected (train canceled, connection will be probably missed), the character X is displayed besides the number of minutes Z as ZX. In that case, we recommend you to check manually on Deutsche Bahn or on your local transportation website for more information.


I use this micro app to display on the screen of my raspberry pi the time for the next trains leading the places in am interested to. For example, when it is 13:41, it would display something like this, for my places of interest P1, P2 and P3:

=P1===> 01, next in 09,11
 13:42 | 13:50 | 13:52

=P2===> 29, next in 59,74
 14:10 | 14:40 | 14:55

=P3===> 08, next in 28,48
 13:50 | 14:10 | 14:30

You can have more or less lines depending on your needs. Note that the lower bar is a progress bar. When it gets full, the time table gets updated. It happens every 30 seconds. But you can change that (refresh parameter).

For example, I like to know when are the next trains heading to the main station (Hauptbahnhof), but also to IBM, where I currently work, and ROTO, where my girlfriend works. This is what it looks like in the terminal (accelerated):

alt tag

I use the script to display the time of the next trains 24/7 on a raspberry pi: Ok Rpi, show me the next trains


The script uses schiene, a very cool Python library for interacting with (as an unofficial API client). You may need to install it beforehand:

pip install schiene

Update Version 2 - 04/11/16

Major refactor.

The dispays shows now more information for each trip:

  • shows the 5 next connections
  • Product type (S/RE/IRE/IC/ICE...)
  • Departure time
  • Duration of the trip
  • Status (ontime (+0), late (+Something), canceled (X))

The printing method alternates between each of the trips every 5 units.

Possibility to fetch only direct connection or not (attribute only_direct of add_trip)

Typically, this looks like this now (with one trip):

=HOME=> 23,36,82,143,165
IC  | 11:06 | 0:57 +0
RE  | 11:19 | 1:20 +0
IC  | 12:05 | 0:44 +0
IC  | 13:06 | 0:53 
ICE | 13:28 | 0:36 


A small Python script to display the time of your next train(s) in a terminal







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